A Jurassic Park in Highway Service Area

In Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, there is a dinosaur-themed high-speed service area. From the gate to the interior, from the parking lot to the gas station, there are a total of 84 animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur statues, and dinosaur skeletons in this service area. All kinds of goods sold here combine the elements of dinosaurs also, This is the first dinosaur themed experience service area in the world.

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This National Day is as hot as in previous years. more than 310 million tourists and the tourism revenue exceeded 200 billion yuan happened only three days before the National Day holiday, it’s been a long time stay home, “retaliatory” consumption has come. I believe everyone wanted to go out for a long vacation in this nice weather.

Dinosaur themed service area 1

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Only 8 Kms from this dinosaur-themed service area is the famous dinosaur park of China, Many people have been attracted to this Dinosaur Park, we think this special service area has played a very positive role in attracting tourists and enhancing the city’s tourism reputation.


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The two service areas stand opposite each other, and there is a plaza with dinosaur sculptures of different shapes everywhere. When you are in it, you think you have come to a dinosaur theme park, especially when children come here, they will like it very much, and it is a wonderful episode of the journey.

Dinosaur themed service area 3

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Walking into the service area building, there is a special cave in the sky. The interior feels very tall and big, like a large-scale Shang Dynasty, especially the dinosaur sculptures dotted inside make a deep impression. The high-speed service area has more and more complete facilities, which is a good thing for us when we are away, and it is a beautiful encounter during the journey.


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This service area is full of the theme of dinosaur culture, you can see many “dinosaur fossils” in one corner, and there are fences on both sides. I think it should be real dinosaur fossils.

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Have you ever been to any Jurassic park service area in your country? What is your impression of it? MyDinosaurs is a leading animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur skeleton, and dinosaur statue manufacturer and exporter in China, welcome to contact us to create a dinosaur-themed area for you!