Jurassic Dinosaur World in Shenzhen Window of the World

Do you know the Window of the World which has a Jurassic Dinosaur World in China?

In Shenzhen, China, the Window of the World, a beautiful theme park lets you see the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and all greatest wonders of the world. And now, there is a Jurassic Dinosaur World in the park, where you can see the greatest wonders of the prehistoric world as well.


Window of the World shenzhen


You will see life-sized dinosaur skeleton at the Window of the World’s Jurassic Dinosaur World, showing you the true scale of these amazing animals, and there are also animatronic dinosaurs in park that let you see these long-dead creatures in action. There are hundreds of dinosaurs on display, including Pterosaurs, Proceratosaurus, Deinonychus, and Parrotosaurus, plus many more. A visit to the Jurassic World will take you back to the prehistoric wonder of these amazing creatures that died out so long ago.

Walking through the park, see a deinonychus attack a zephyrosaurus, jumping on the little herbivore with its large, sickle claws. The zephyrosaurus is fast, but the deinonychus is faster– watch it pin down the smaller creature, gripping it tight, and begin tearing it apart, eating it while it’s still alive and slowly bleeding. Keep going through the lifesize dinosaur skeletons to see a proceratosaurus, ten foot long primitive relative of the tyrannosaur grasping its prey in its three-fingered arms, or picking a fight with other small carnivores of its size.

See pterosaurs of all sizes flying overhead, from the smallest anurognathids to the giants of the sky, hatzegopteryx with its thirty-foot wingspan. Watch them hunt for fish and attack smaller creatures on land, or be attacked themselves by raptors. Nearby, hear the calls of the parrotosaurus, tiny cousin to the fearsome hunters of the Jurassic world, with its single-fingered hands on very short arms.

In the Jurassic Dinosaur World of Shenzhen’s Window of the World, lose yourself in the way that these astonishing beasts lived millions of years ago.


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Dinosaur Skeletons city plaza
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High-quality products like these, lifelike and true to size dinosaur skeletons as well as realistic animatronic dinosaurs, are what make the Jurassic Dinosaur World an amazing experience for visitors of the Window to the World. Come lose yourself in the world of the past, with dinosaurs for your companions.