Jurassic Dinosaur And Ice Age Animals For Outdoor Rain Forest Adventure Park

Our customer is an outdoor rain forest adventure park, according to their budget and theme of there season-Back to Jurassic Period, we figure out a best solution for them, animatronic prehistoric animal and dinosaurs some of them are found in their country,some of them are well known all over the world.

adventure park animatronic bullockornis

adventure park dinosaur

animatronic dinosaur Minmi

  Our animatronic dinosaur and animals are weatherproof, even in the high humidity rain forest.

  The size, color, movements and species of the dinosaur and animals are custom made to our customer.

  As an attraction of the outdoor adventure park, it is high simulation,interactive and educational.

ice age animal Megalania

life size dinosaur velociraptor

Life size Diprotodon model

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