An Introduction of Animatronic Robot Dinosaurs

Mechanical dinosaurs are all made strictly according to the “original version”- dinosaur fossil records handed down from ancient times, plus the latest research findings of scientists in recent years. Features such as skin elasticity, joint movement methods, and swing patterns are all tailored to one-by-one stature, with a simulation level of 90%.

An Introduction of Animatronic Robot Dinosaurs

In addition to making terrifying roaring, the dinosaur necks, heads, and mouths can move freely. This is because large and small motors and reducers are installed on the belly and head of the dinosaur, and a large amount of steel is used as the steel structure of the dinosaur, and the steel is fixed on the ground.

Dinosaur skin is made of silicone material, which is highly similar to biological skin. These dinosaurs have more than a thousand parts, and the assembly process is very complicated, thus ensuring that every movement is so natural and smooth. It takes 10 workers, one month to make a mechanical dinosaur.

  • Introduction

Robotic dinosaurs use modern technology to create realistic dinosaurs based on computer-recovered pictures of dinosaur fossils using steel skeletons and soft foams. The appearance, shape, and movements of the reconstructed simulated dinosaurs are very realistic, their shapes are lifelike, and their movements are vivid. The robotic dinosaur uses a steel frame as a dinosaur bracket and uses sponge or foam for three-dimensional processing to make a dinosaur skin.

If you need to show live dinosaurs vividly, the internal structure is very complicated. To show the movements, you have to install parts and motors, a control program for the dinosaurs to make different sounds, and you have to make the dinosaur’s eyes glow. Install the light source. Because the cortex of this dinosaur is made of soft materials, it can make many movements. For example the head swings, the mouth opens, the front paws swing, the tail swings and the mouth makes a terrifying sound…

The production of robotic dinosaurs has formed an industry, mainly concentrated in Zigong, Sichuan, the “Hometown of Dinosaurs in China”. Zigong’s animatronic dinosaurs are well-known all over the world. There are many large-scale animatronic dinosaurs exhibitions from Zigong in China and abroad, including the Geology Museum, Science Education Base, and Dinosaur Fossil Museum.

  • Value

The robotic animatronic dinosaurs can be more intuitive and vivid to let people understand that dinosaurs restore the style of the ancient dinosaur era.

Dinosaurs have disappeared from the earth for thousands of years. People can no longer see the real dinosaurs, but the once overlord of the earth always leads the thoughts of modern people. The advent of all simulated dinosaurs can make people feel the dinosaurs more intuitively. Dominate the earth!
At the same time, it also provides display props for dinosaur science popularization and people’s leisure lives

Mechanical dinosaurs can be used to organize amazing dinosaur exhibition activities, bringing a fresh and fun paradise to dinosaur fans, as well as understanding the scenes of dinosaur families thriving, and advocating the protection of animals while learning more about dinosaurs. Earth’s ecological environment…

The Triassic. The Jurassic. The Cretaceous period belonged to three different dinosaur centuries. In the past, we learned about dinosaurs from Hollywood films like “Jurassic Park”. The audience will not only see the dinosaurs in the movies but also get closer to the highly simulated dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons.


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