Inflatable Vs. Animatronic Dinosaur Costumes

The dinosaur costume market has grown significantly in recent years, coming out with a multitude of options, giving you the freedom to express your inner dinosaur however you see fit. There are, of course, two options widely available: the silly, inflatable kind and the capable, animatronic dinosaur costume. Either may have the necessary appearance, but the functionality, utility, and realism are hugely different between the two. When it comes to costumes, quality is essential for making a lasting impression.

Inflatable costumes can’t, and don’t, hold a candle to the impressive resilience of animatronic costumes. They are flimsy, made of cheap materials. They flop around and deflate without warning, making them incredibly unreliable. They hardly allow the wearer any kind of movement and obscures vision more often than not. Other than being light and appearing to be a dinosaur, these inflatable costumes offer very little quality and, thanks to their market saturation as a recent trend, are vastly overdone. In the end, cheap, mass manufacturing has taken even the fun out of inflatable dinosaur costumes.

inflatable dinosaur costume


The materials making up the realistic dinosaur costumes, however, could not be more trustworthy. Built around a stainless steel frame, they are durable and can’t lose their shape. This sturdy structure, coupled with the high-density sponge and three to four layers of silicone, makes a weatherproof, waterproof, and damp-proof costume that can’t be beaten on the reliability scale. Additionally, these animatronic dinosaur costumes can even move! The tail swings, the mouth opens and closes, the head turns and nods, the eyes even blink. And the sheer quality of these costumes doesn’t stop there either. These animatronics dinosaurs provide vivid and realistic roaring and breathing sounds, in many cases, these noises are even customizable!

The realism of the animatronic dinosaur costumes is perfect for events such as birthday parties, corporate hosted events, and especially pranks. Sponsors can even take advantage of these unique dinosaur costumes to make a statement and leave an impression on potential consumers.


mechanical dinosaur costume for adults

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In all honesty, comparing the two types of dinosaur costumes is like comparing a McDonald’s hamburger patty to a porterhouse steak from a Michelin star restaurant. The animatronic dinosaur costumes completely blow away the inflatable suits, with the only possible drawback being the weight of the costumes. However, that’s an easy price to pay for a durable, impression-leaving, multi-purpose party machine that can be used over and over. Overall, the animatronic dinosaur costumes easily take the cake.