Indoor Dinosaur Theme Park Project In Indonesia

Indoor Dinosaur Theme Park Project In Indonesia

Our customer is the largest indoor theme park located in Indonesia which is built on the area of 12.7 hectares. It is a part of This project, which will include Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, Studio, hotels, and offices of Mega Bank. The life sized animatronic dinosaurs in the park are adventurous and challenging since they mainly target young adults and families.

Dinosaur playground

Animatronic Dinosaurs for Dinosaur Attractions >>

Have you ever imagine a fierce T-rex alive and shouting at you while riding the roller coaster? What a shocking scene! To diversify the recreation facilities and set a special prehistorical scene. Our company created all interactive animatronic dinosaurs for Trans Studio theme park in about 35 days.


Indoor dinosaur theme park

Life Sized dinosaur for Dinosaur Attractions >>

According to their designs, the dinosaurs are not only ordinary type. Some of them are half-body, and some could even spray water. They focused on all the details including size, shape and movements during the production. And has a very strict supplier selection method. After visiting our factory and checking the certificates by themselves. We are honored to become their sole supplier.

Dinosaur Attraction

 Animatronic Dinosaur for Indoor kids Playground >>

They are now planning to build theme parks in each province of Indonesia. The dinosaurs projects to be continued…

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