How to improve the teacher-student relationships with creative dinosaur toys?

Teachers and Students relationship-improved by Dinosaur toys

Have you ever lost interest in a subject because you didn’t like the teacher? It can’t be denied that the relationships students have with their teachers is essential to learning and development. If a teacher can get students engaged and have a strong positive relationship, it will have long-lasting benefits—and one great way to get students engaged is with creative dinosaur toys.

Nearly every child gets excited about dinosaurs. If you use a lifelike dinosaur costume to get kids interested in a learning activity, especially keeping the dinosaur costume realistic, you can keep students engaged with learning while also teaching them about these prehistoric creatures. And with other creative dinosaur toys and activities or DIY projects, you can use dinosaurs to teach students any number of things.


teacher dinosaur toy


5 dinosaur DIY toys and how to make them for teacher-student relationship improvement


  1. Counting Dino Game

Using dinosaur toys as the moving pieces, you can create a simple board game that requires children to count the number of spaces to move their dino on a quest to catch their prey—or to escape the T-rex!


Counting Dino Game


  1. Catching Dinos in a Jar

Fill a clear jar halfway with clear glue, fill the other half with water, and mix them well. Add half of a plastic egg and a small dinosaur toy that’ll fit into the egg, then glue the jar shut. With this, you’ll have a liquid-filled jar that a child can shake around until the dinosaur gets caught inside the empty eggshell.


Catching Dinos in a Jar


  1. Make Dinosaur Snacks

There are endless possibilities for making dinosaur snacks. You can make sugar cookies and press a dino toy’s foot into them before baking in order to create dino footprint fossils. Rice Krispie treats can be baked in the shape of dino eggs, or you can crumble Oreos into dirt to dig in for dinosaur bones.


Make Dinosaur Snacks


  1. Read Dinosaur Books

Of course, dinosaur books are a great way to teach children while getting them excited about dinosaurs. Dino books can teach counting, colors, morals, and science, just to name a few topics.


  1. Digging for Fossils

Mixing three parts corn starch with two parts water, you can create a goop mixture and fill a container with this. Bury dinosaur skeleton toys in this and leave it in the sun to dry into a hard substance. Children can then break this apart to excavate for dinosaurs fossils.


Digging for Fossils


Wear Realistic Dinosaur Costumes for Activity

Another great way to get children engaged in learning is by making lessons especially fun with a lifelike dinosaur costume. Teachers who are committed and fun, even going as far as to dress up in a dinosaur costume realistic enough to impress, will keep students excited and positive for sure.


T REX costume 3

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Costumes like these are made by companies like MyDinosaurs, which makes realistic dinosaur skeleton and fossil replicas based on real museum pieces and with input from paleontologists. A lifelike dinosaur costume like this can get children engaged in the real science of dinosaurs, as well as keeping them interested and having an attitude positive enough to learn other materials.

Using something students are already interested in is the best way that teachers can keep kids engaged and teach them most effectively. Dinosaurs are one of the most popular interests among children, making them a perfect way to help kids learn.