The Most Impressive Dinosaurs Stars in Sanya China

“Mom, that dinosaur is drooling!” January 24th, in Sanya Rice National Park, many tourists, especially the children, are surprised by 277 kinds of 323 model dinosaurs shaking their heads, wagging their tail, roaring, and spraying water.
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“Based on the sheer number of species alone, it’s the biggest and most complete outside exhibition in China nowadays.” According to researcher Mr. Xu, around 227 different dinosaur species have been discovered to this day.

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All of these dinosaurs are of different sizes and in different poses. Some sit on the side of the road and watch passing tourists. When children try to touch these dinosaurs they may open their mouth and spread their teeth making the children quickly withdraw their hands in shock.

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These dinosaur models are based on life-size scale dinosaurs. The skeleton is made of steel, and the outer surface is made of silica gel which is painted to look link realistic skin. The smallest dinosaur is less than 1 meter high, and the tallest dinosaur towers over the landscape at 38 meters. All of these dinosaurs in the park come from Zigong, Sichuan.

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According to public records, up to 1000 different kinds of dinosaurs have been discovered across every continent. In recent years the speed and frequency of Chinese fossil discoveries have skyrocketed. Until this day, china has discovered more dinosaur species than any other country in the world.

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