How to Make A Tailor-made Dinosaur Costume

Brand : MY DINO
Model : Custom Dinosaur Costume
Style: Hidden (cover) legs or visible legs costume

Velociraptor Costume 2   BBC Dinosaur costume prop

Size: Customize according to operator’s height, wight, shoulder width, arm length, leg length, shoe size. (L-4.2M H-1.9M for 5.58~5.9Ft performer)

dinosaur costume

Material: Stainless Steel frame; High density sponge; 3-4 layers silicone rubber, Pigment; Electric parts
Sound: Different kinds of lively Dinosaur Roaring and Breathing sound
Movements: 1. Mouth open and close with sound synchronous; 2. Head moving; 3. Eyes blink; 4. Neck extend; 5. Tail moving; 6. Body up and down;  7. Claws moving
Feature: Light; Easy operation; soft and comfortable; weatherproof; thermostability
Operation: Movements hand controlled by Joysticks. Performer operates inside the costume for 10-20 minutes.

dinosaur costume1

Inner Accessories: 1. Camera; 2. LED monitor; 3. two Fans; 4. Speakers; 5.3 Belts

Dinsoaur costume process

Lead time: 4 Weeks
Weight:23-25kg (Total around 180kg including packing case)
Package: 2. 38*1.18*1.08m flight case with universal wheels



Production Process:
Drawing → Frame welding → Electric appliance adjusting →Backing laying(sponge) & Shape sculpture → Texture carving & Skin making → Color painting→Finished products.


dinosaur costume production process


Dinosaur costume feedback

Dinosaur costume feedback

Various Life Size Dinosaur Costume From MY DINOSAURS

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