How to be a Dinosaur for Halloween

The Halloweens is loved by everyone and especially the children. They love to get dressed up and move around and beg for a candy from the other guest. The Halloween can be made in several themes, although it’s a kind of masks and dress up that you need to do for the get up like you can be any cartoon, animal, or any bird too. Getting into the shoe of others is not easy as you need to mimic the way they do wear their own skin. But there are various costumes available in the market and you can buy out the theme for the costumes and can use them in the parties.

Recently the Dinosaurs have been quite famous with the kids on Halloween, as they want to wear them while going to the party. They have a lot of variants as there is a huge variety of the same available in the market.

Here we have listed some of the ideas related to the Dinosaurs that you can try at an upcoming Halloween party:

  • Wearing out Dinosaurs Skeleton Costume: In all the cases it will definitely make a statement. As you will have the dinosaur of various sorts and shapes likely you can have the Skeleton in these forms. They are to be tried in front of the camera and the best part is you do not need to apply any makeup on your face and body get hidden in the costume.
  • Try out the different mask for the Dinosaurs: The best part with the Dinosaurs is they are in large variety. It gives the user an independence to choose the one which can suit them. So, help yourself out with the scariest looking animal so that you look great and different from others in the party.
  • Dinosaur Arm Puppets are also in Fashion: If your kid is a bit scared to wear a full costume at the party or he is looking for something that can be handy and make his movement from one place to another quite feasible then he can definitely try arm puppets. It looks quite interesting in the performers’ hand as they move around.
    Spinosaurus dino puppet 2
  • Face and hand painting: At many parts of the world getting a right costume is not at all a cakewalk, you need to travel extra miles to get the one and at times it can be at a higher range and can be really expensive to buy. But then the idea of the face and hand painting of your kids can also give him the desired looks. But do use the paints that do not affect the skin on your skin in an adverse way. Try to use eco-friendly colors that are easy to remove too after the party. Tattoos can also be a great option to wear to the Halloween party just take care they should be temporary, so that you can get rid of them as soon as the party is over.
  • Inflatable Dinosaur Costume: This is also a great option for you where you can carry them with you while going to a party. They look huge and your kid can find them a bit bulky to carry. But they give a full look of a dinosaur and can make you stand out in the theme Halloween party. You can inflate the costume and fit your kid’s body and let him know the instructions too, like how can wear the costume if he finds the same quite bulky to handle at times.
  • Realistic Costumes of Dinosaurs: The realistic costumes of Dinosaur can be quite scary, and there is a huge variety of them available in the market like you can buy out a Tyrannosaurus, VelociraptorSpinosaurus etc. It depends on your kid’s preference. As they are quite easily available. In addition to the same, you can also look for the same online as well if you get a good deal. So, do take the benefit of the online platform as you can explore the variety and have the best price in your lap too.
  • Practice Dinosaur movements: This act is also quite important for the participants of Halloween. As here you can practice with your kid the various activities of Dinosaurs. But don’t go way ahead as it can cause injuries to him as well. So, make him so some of them that are the bit safe to go and do not practice the one that is out of the way.
  • Watch Dinosaurs movies and videos: For being a Dinosaur you need to know them well. Where they used to live, what were their eating habits and how they used to live. You can definitely check out about the same as there are many videos that are easily available on the internet. You just need to open YouTube, discovery or download some of the famous movies for them. So, do have a look and get into the character for the best performance.

These are some of the ways about how you can make your kid behave like a Dinosaur in their next party. So, do dress your kid in their best Dinosaur Halloween party for next time and give him the exposure to help in dressing him and behaving like Dinosaurs. Halloween is a party to celebrate with the winters down the corner you should go out with the friends and there are also clubs that have them with a particular them.

So, do look for the one that comes into your pocket and your kids can enjoy being like a Dinosaur at its fullest. So, start planning your Halloween party with your partner and kid and you can also be a Dinosaur family costume so that you can represent their family with yours. GOOD LUCK!!!!