Glam-up Your Theme Park This Christmas – The Talking Tree!

Are you looking forward to decorate something unique in your outdoor space this Christmas? If yes, then buy the talking tree for your commercial or residential space. The artificial tree makes a stunning outdoor decoration. They feature greenery, and the leaves are unbelievably beautiful with a realistic appearance.

What are Talking Trees

Nowadays, it has become very common to see animatronic talking tree,at shopping malls. They are operated by means of an infrared sensor or remote control to talk to people. It is possible to pre-program them for a different occasion.
This Christmas instead of buying the original Christmas tree, you must try out the unusual Christmas talking tree that can talk to you and your friends. If I were your friends, all I have to say is wow!

talking tree

Theme Park Attractions Life Size Talking Tree for Sale

Major Features

The outdoor animatronic talking trees can speak in any language and talk to you. They feature single tree trunk with branches and would be having a cute face, which make it looks like a human. It also can talk to the passerby and swings its branches when people come near to it, even sing songs and tell stories to small kids. You may customize its appearance and size to fit inside your home.
Some advanced features of these talking trees include spraying of smoke and water, eyeball lightning and mouth lightning. And you can apply an interactive system and reprogramming system in it. Besides, it can repeat visitors’ talking!
Such decorative talking trees are surely a piece of art which can be kept in shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and, resorts. They are quite attractive and gain visitors’ attention.

talking tree1

Customization Maple Leaf Talking Tree Animatronics

Material and Usage

The talking trees are made of anti-rust steel frame and high-density sponge. They work with brush or brushless motor. They will be having 3 to 4 layers of silicone and beatified by hand drawing and by electric painting.
A full accessory list includes speakers, control box, remote control, Infrared sensor, integrated metal base, cables and local plugs and artificial fiberglass rockery.
The Christmas tree looks like a woody, and you can keep them in our house. You can decorate the tree using colorful things, and children’s can have a great time talking to the trees.

Customization service

My Dinosaurs can customize any size, color and tree species talking tree for your park, museum, school, shipping mall and any other place outdoor or indoor

The funny tree remains an extraordinary piece of your home this Christmas. They are an eye catcher if you place them outside your house.


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