Get Some Ideas About a Jurassic Park Wedding

It’s one of the most exciting and important day of your life: the day you get married. Imagine standing there with your betrothed and gazing out at the faces of friends, family members, and dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaur weddings are growing in popularity now. If the thought of dinosaur skeletons/dinosaurs makes you and your partner giddy, you might start gathering some prehistoric or Jurassic Park wedding ideas right away.



Setting the Scene 

You could theme your wedding to the “Jurassic Park” movie series. If you do, some of your wedding attendants might wear safari outfits, and instrumental music from the films could play throughout the event. You might even rent a jeep that looks like one from the first movie!

Whether your wedding has a Jurassic Park theme or a broader dinosaur theme, an outdoor location will provide the right mood and ambiance. After all, what dinosaur wants to be cooped up inside?

Don’t neglect the small touches. Dinosaur napkins, dinosaur earrings for the bridesmaids, dinosaur toys sprinkled around the venue, a cake that’s green and scaly, and dinosaur party favors will all enhance the theme. And daring brides can choose to make their hair look like the spikes of a stegosaurus.



Bring on the Reptiles

If your wedding invitations announce a dinosaur-themed event, your guests may be hoping to see some primeval animals. You don’t want to let them down. But how can you get ancient creatures to show up at your nuptials?

Of course, some of your friends and officiants could wear dinosaur costumes. For real thrills, though, your best bet is to order dinosaur skeletons/dinosaurs from My Dinosaurs.

First of all, there’s the big one: the AD-231 Life Size T-REX Model. When you see it in person, you might tremble a little. Its size and its lifelike details can be overpowering. And that’s not your imagination; it really does blink!

Another option is the DC-093 Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume. Just as the name promises, when you encounter someone moving around inside this amazing outfit, it’ll feel like you’re in the presence of an actual dinosaur. Children can pat it, and people can take videos of themselves walking beside it.

To complete the effect, you’ll need skeletons: massive and highly detailed fossils from My Dinosaurs. These skeletons are authentic; they are replicas of fossils in famous museums. Various species are available, and you can even get your skeleton customized if you’d like.



Hopefully, these suggestions will allow you to come up with some of your own dino wedding ideas. Then, when the big day finally arrives, your celebration will be an unforgettable blast from the past. And, with any luck, none of your guests will get eaten.