Get A Giant Dinosaur Egg for Your Kid’s Birthday Present

Many modern parents struggle with finding just the right birthday present for their kid. They also frequently think they need to throw elaborate parties featuring themes from the latest cartoon or movie, but children often aren’t impressed with media hype. It sometimes seems as if birthday parties are more for the parents than the child. Kids are, however, enthralled with anything relating to dinosaurs, and they also love the element of surprise. Mixing these up by including a dinosaur egg in the festivities is a great recipe for birthday fun.

Following are five strategies designed to set the stage for a dinosaur-themed party.


Start With the Invitations



Sending out invitations with dinosaurs on them creates the right mood from the start. To carry the theme even further, you could encourage invitees to dress as their favorite dinosaur.


Use Paper Plates and Cups with a Dinosaur Theme

Delight little hearts and minds by serving cake on paper plates festooned with colorful pictures of dinosaurs, and provide matching cups for drinks. Complete the picture by adding lots of balloons featuring various dinosaurs, and make each guest a small bag to take home containing dinosaur stickers and other fun party favors.


Create a Jungle 



Create a “Jurassic Park” ambiance by making a jungle out of the area where the party will be taking place. Dinosaurs lived during a time when vegetation mainly consisted of fronds and ferns, so decorate with this in mind. Volcano activity was rampant as well, so think about adding a big paper mâché volcano.


Plan Dinosaur Games 

Modify classic party games such as pin the tail on the donkey to acclimate the dinosaur theme of the party. Use stuffed dinosaurs, dinosaur candy, or dinosaur coloring books as prizes. If you’ve got a sandbox on your property, you can even set up a dinosaur dig by burying bones from inexpensive dinosaur skeleton toys. After all the bones are found, keep the children busy putting them together to make whole dinosaur skeletons.

All of the above items are easily found in the aisles of party supply retailers.


Surprise Your Kid with a Realistic Dinosaur 



Animatronic dinosaurs are lifelike, robotic models of the dinosaurs that once walked the planet. They’ll be the hit of the party and keep the kids talking about the celebration for months to come.  My Dinosaurs features an awesome selection of prehistoric creatures sure to capture the imaginations of the birthday boy or girl and their guests. To make a truly impressive splash, order a giant dinosaur egg from My Dinosaurs and send your guests home with photos of themselves standing inside the egg ready to pop out as it’s hatching.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our party planning experts at My Dinosaurs for more information on throwing a birthday party your kid will remember and cherish for a lifetime. Don’t forget to bake a fabulous dinosaur cake!