Friends That Breathe Fire: Animatronic Dragons Make Movie Magic Real 

Great movies take us to exciting new worlds. When the animated DreamWorks film “How to Train Your Dragon” came out in 2010, it brought audiences to a mystical Viking village called Berk. There, amid quaint huts and spectacular rock formations, powerful dragons took wing.

All over the world, people responded to those cinematic beasts with glee. There’s no doubt that many moviegoers longed to encounter such a creature. Well, with an animatronic dragon, such an experience is truly possible.


how to train the dragon


Dragons Are Popping Up All Over 

In early 2019, the third entry in this film series is making its debut. Over the course of the three movies, the human characters have learned to love dragons. At first, they feared and hunted these animals. Now, people and dragons live side by side; they have a happy relationship that’s mutually beneficial.

Partly due to the success of these animated pictures, dragons have been entering our lives more often, and we’re enjoying a relationship with them as well. Lately, these beasts have appeared at movie premieres, amusement parks, shopping plazas, and other places.


animatronic dragon

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Do you run a cinema or a shopping mall that will play the latest “How to Train” movie? Do you manage a different kind of commercial enterprise? Are you preparing to host a big party or other exciting events? Do you love big flying animals?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you could certainly benefit from large and lifelike mechanical dragons.


A Dragon of Your Very Own 

When you order an animatronic dragon from My Dinosaurs, you’ll receive a product of stunning quality and originality. These handcrafted mechanical specimens boast realistic skin, vibrant colors, huge wings, intense expressions, sharp horns, and even sharper teeth. Their movements are subtle and convincing.

You can control your robotic pet yourself, or it can move automatically when someone approaches it thanks to its sophisticated sensors. In addition, it can run on electricity, or you can use a pneumatic power system.


realistic dragon


However it’s working, your mythical visitor is sure to become a magnet for people. Guests young and old will flock to this friendly monster, and you’ll see their eyes widen and brighten as their cinematic dreams come true. Such moments are priceless.

Best of all, unlike in the DreamWorks film, you won’t have to train this dragon. As soon as it arrives, it will be ready to greet visitors, pose for photos, and scare away evildoers.

Such an animatronic would be especially useful for attracting passers-by to your theater and letting them know about the new movie. Hiccup, the hero of these films, would be proud.