Five New Dinosaurs Species Discovered in 2019

Many New Dinosaurs Species are discovered every year

Are you a dinosaur lover? The kind who builds life-size dinosaur models for fun or wears an animatronic dinosaur costume for Halloween or other ceremonies? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn that even though there are nearly a thousand known species of dinosaur, new ones are found every year. Here is some information on five of these dinosaurs’ discoveries.


5 Awesome Dinosaurs Discovery in 2019

  • Kamuysaurus japonicus

Unearthed in Japan, this dinosaur was originally nicknamed Milawaryu. The adult skeleton is that of an herbivore that measured over 26 feet long. As such, it’s the largest found in Japan. Scientists believe its bones help explain the origin and evolution of dinosaurs in the region. They think it may have migrated across North America into Asia.


Kamuysaurus japonicus


  • Vespersaurus paranaensis

Named for the place where fossil hunters found it, this dinosaur is an unusual carnivore roughly the size of a Great Dane. It lived in the desert 90 million years ago. What makes it remarkable is that, despite having three toes, it balanced its weight solely on its middle one, like a hoof.


Vespersaurus paranaensis


  • Siamraptor suwati

Siamraptor suwati is a type of carcharodontosaur found in Thailand. Carcaharodontosaurs were large predatory dinosaurs. Widespread during the Jurassic and Cretaceous, they were important to the ecosystems in many regions. Until the latest discovery there was a dearth of fossil remains for this type of dinosaur in Southeast Asia. Siamraptor therefore provides useful clues about the early evolution of carcharodontosaurian dinosaurs in this region.


Siamraptor suwati


  • Cryodrakon boreas

Called the “frozen dragon of the north”, Cryodrakon boreas is a pterosaur discovered in Canada. Scientists think its wings measured almost 33 feet long from tip to tip, giving it the wingspan of a small airplane. Standing on the ground, it was as tall as a giraffe. It lived about 77 million years ago and was carnivorous, like most of the other 100 types of pterosaur. While it could fly across the ocean, researchers believe it preferred to stay close to its inland home.


Cryodrakon boreas


  • Ngwevu intloko

This is the weirdest of the bunch – a new dinosaur hiding in plain sight in a South African museum. Researchers were surprised to discover that a specimen labeled as Massospondylus was misidentified. It had been wrongly identified for 30 years! When researchers reexamined the 200 million year old skeleton, including an almost complete skull, they found that the fossil was not just that of a new species, but of a new genus too. Renamed the Xhosa word for “grey skull” the herbivore measured about 13 feet from snout to tail. Remarkably, it walked on its hind legs despite being a plant eater.


Ngwevu intloko


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