Famous Live Dinosaur Shows

There’s one rule that all actors follow: The show must go on. And that’s true even when the actors are extinct!

The following extravaganzas feature many a dinosaur in a starring role. They’re fun and educational, and each live show can momentarily convince its audience that dinosaurs live among us after all.


  1. Dinosaur World Live

This production revolves around a human character named Miranda. Since childhood, she’s lived on a remote island that’s populated by prehistoric creatures. Throughout the show, Miranda presents a series of full-size dino puppets. Each of them dominates the stage, and each of their movements, pauses, and head turns young audience members. A highlight is when a baby Giraffatitan is born and immediately starts bonding with Mom. It’s a surprisingly emotional moment.

Dinosaur World Live


  1. Dinosaur Zoo Live

The Australian company Erth Visual and Physical Inc. developed this show. It’s toured throughout Australia and other countries.

This production represents an exciting blend of puppetry and acting. Aimee Louisanne, a fictional paleontologist, introduces various dinosaurs. At one point, young tyrannosaur scuffles with a triceratops. And, thanks to special effects, plants grow and ancient insects take wing.

Best of all, throughout the hour, young attendees get to come onstage and interact with the huge stars.

Dinosaur Zoo Live


  1. Walking With Dinosaurs

The TV show “Walking With Dinosaurs” premiered in 1999, and it uses computer animation and robotics to imagine what the lives of dinosaurs were really like. The stage version, which tours the world, is just as compelling.

This live experience consists of two 40-minute acts, and it boasts colorful sets, beautiful lighting, and 18 fearsome beasts from the Triassic and Jurassic eras. Once again, the actor hosting the show plays a paleontologist; this character’s name is Huxley.

Be aware that some of these dinosaurs fight each other, and the combat is so realistic that you might glance away in terror.


     4. A Show of Your Own

If you’ve seen one of these shows, or even if you’ve just read about them, you might be inspired to put on one of your own. Your live dinos will surely draw a large and adoring crowd to your school, museum, retail establishment, library, or other facilities.

You or another local actor could portray a paleontologist or an explorer who’s gone back in time. Then, you could rely on such My Dinosaurs products as a life-size T-Rex model, a walking costume, or a precious baby dino hand puppet.

Each of these durable items will look stunning under the bright lights. And, with the help of enthusiastic performers and puppeteers, they’ll transport the audience to a different world. For an hour or so, everyone inside your theater will be deep in a primordial wilderness and surrounded by savage, untamed, and irresistible brutes.

Whether you’re seeing a live show or staging one, the magic of performance with dinosaurs is undeniable. Be sure to look at the faces all around you. You’ll see a group of people who are united in excitement, joy, and disbelief.