Factory one-day tour I We focus on every detail

Noticing and managing all of the little details of the handmade models isn’t always beneficial, cause that means extra labor, extra materials, extra work, and of course higher cost.

When the company was just founded, we struggled in high profit one off business and low profit long term cooperation. Skipping some details, ignoring some requirements, less cost, shorter lead time. The models looked OK, but they could not meet our requirements, of course, not the products we are proud of.

After that, we promise to always be responsible to our customer, to ourselves and never do one-off again. It has been more than 10 year. According to thousands of feedback we got from our customers, this is absolutely the most important thing to do!

Now, let us have an one-day factory tour and focus on the details!


Inner Frame–As cast-iron as possible

costume steel frame

dinosaur eye

animatronic steel frame


Shaping–Let’s have the most scientific and beautiful model

dinosur shape

tree shape

dinosaur shaping


Texture–Can not leave out any part

texture on animatronics

working under the dinosaur

cut the extra part

dinosaur foot


Painting–More complicated than makeover

painting animatronic model

painting of dinsoaur skeleton


Perfection–Did we miss anything?

dinsoaur skull