Exhibitions Become the New Trend in Shopping Malls

In recent years, the shopping mall’s homogenization crisis has intensified the competition. Some shopping malls are trying to increase their public appearance to attract more visitors by highlighting their unique themes and features. In addition to the new architectural innovations, changes to the aesthetic display and cultural characteristics as well as increased brand influence, shopping malls started to develop into complex and multi-functional compounds with a wide range of diverse and interesting themes and exhibitions to enhance the consumer experience and meet their evermore demanding needs. As a result, public exhibitions have become a popular means of attraction. Because public exhibitions do indeed attract customers and raise revenue, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Below are some of the most common exhibition types prevalent throughout shopping malls today.

Animation Fairs

Animation, which has been with us all since we were young, is an important part of our childhood and has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our early lives. And almost every kid loves animation. What kind of sparks will be ignited when the mall meets animation?

shopping mall exhibition 2

Animatronic Animal and Fossil Exhibitions

Shopping malls today serve a much larger purpose than simply a place to shop; a mall is a place for urbanites to relax after a long and busy day, and in many ways has become a lifestyle in and of itself. Because of this, businesses are constantly bringing new things to their storefronts to pique the interest of potential customers. Things like animatronic animal shows and fossil shows have been introduced. The simulated animal exhibition, simulated insect show, marine life exhibition and animatronic dinosaur and fossil shows are all very popular exhibitions. Let’s go have fun in the world of animals!

shopping mall exhibition 8

Dinosaur fossil replica in Dubai Shopping Mall

shopping mall exhibition 9

Dinosaur fossil replica in Dubai Shopping Mall

Unusual and Interesting Exhibitions

New and interesting or out of the ordinary things will always attract people’s attention. There are many new and interesting exhibitions constantly being created in shopping malls which bring a great deal of human traffic along with them. For example, there are hand-made art exhibitions, high heel collections for everyone to see, flower shows and so on.

shopping mall exhibition 4

Photography Exhibitions

In a conversation about special attractions, photography exhibitions cannot go unmentioned. Wonderful pictures never fail to attract the attention of passersby. While walking through the mall customers can feast their eyes on beautiful photos for an enhanced shopping experience.

shopping mall exhibition 5

Auto Shows

Shopping malls have large open spaces and huge crowds. This has been noticed by car dealers in recent years and through it they see a new way to market vehicles. The main purpose of the auto show in the mall is not to sell cars however. It is mainly shown in order to promote the overall consumption in the mall by increasing foot traffic and giving shoppers something nice to look at. Although, letting people look at cars at their own leisure without being pressured to buy anything has proven effective at finding potential customers.

shopping mall exhibition 10

Art Exhibitions

You don’t have to go to an art gallery to see beautiful and intricate paintings, sculptures or creations. In the shopping mall, which has a very comfortable and leisurely atmosphere in an easy to navigate complex, you can find all sorts of creative and artistic creations to satisfy your taste and fill you with awe. Some common exhibition types include celebrity art exhibitions, children’s art exhibitions, themed exhibitions, interesting 3D paintings, and much more.

shopping mall exhibition 7

Hey, what kind of exhibitions are you going to have when you plan your next shopping mall promotion?