Dragon-Inspired Accessories and Gift Ideas

Whether ferocious or cute, there’s no denying that these mythical, mysterious creatures continue to pique the imagination of fantasy-lovers worldwide. Thanks to the current popular television series Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings movies, this dragon mania doesn’t appear like it’s going away soon…and that’s great news because for us fans, this means you can find these beasts everywhere!

We have rounded up some awesome and amazing finds for you and your fantasy-loving friends, and the best part is not only are these gift ideas totally cool and unique, but there are items for every budget. Check these out:


Pewter Faucet

Looks real enough to spout fire, but luckily the only thing this fellow shoots out is water. This medieval-styled beast comes in several finishes to match any decor from the days of yore. It makes a pretty bold design statement, but could be perfect for a themed restaurant or a man cave (man castle?) We will let you decide…

Pewter Faucet dragon


Cake Pan

Perfect for a kid’s (or grown-up kid’s) birthday party, this sleeping mother curled around her trio of eggs will be a crowd-pleaser. Have a lot of party guests? This cake pan is big, holding the equivalent of two boxes of cake mix, so no worries there! Think of the creative ways to decorate it with frosting or icing too!

Cake Pan dragon


Ladies’ Hair Barrette

Ladies can channel their inner Khaleesi when wearing this hair barrette. It makes a statement for sure! Great for fans of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or Maleficent. Pair it up with a lovely matching ear cuff and maybe some scaled tights, and you are all set!

Ladies Hair Barrette dragon


Ambient Night Light

This sweet little friendly guy is just for the little ones. We know children don’t watch the scary fire-breathing ones (hopefully!) but thanks to the super popular “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, there is no reason why children can’t love them too! After all, they can be great protectors, and this night light is perfect for helping babies and toddlers sleep peacefully through the night.


Silk Scarf

Definitely, one of the more elegant choices on our list, just because there’s no reason why dragons can’t be classy too! Wear it as a shawl, and spread your “wings” dramatically to make a fashion statement. You can also wear it as a scarf, a head wrap, or even tied around the waist. This decorative accessory is stylish, fashionable and just plain awesome!