Are Dinosaurs Still Alive?

Is there a possibility: the once ferocious dinosaurs are now reduced to food on people’s tables?

Scientists put heavy objects on the buttocks of chickens and found that the walking posture of chickens is very similar to that of dinosaurs in film and television dramas. In other words, chickens are dinosaurs without tails. If you’re in doubt, take a look at this strange-looking bird, the Phorusrhacidae.

Are Dinosaurs Still Alive

This bird is very large, between 1 and 3 meters in height, it does not fly but eats meat. It lived in South America in the Cenozoic 62 million to 100,000 years ago, in the same period as the saber-toothed tiger. Horror birds were the most advanced carnivores on earth at the time, with long legs and good runners. Horror birds have thick necks, large heads, beaks on their jaws, are very aggressive, and have small wings. This small wing is obviously not reserved for flying. Maybe the small wing that they evolved from the beginning was not used for flying. Because there are meat hooks on the small wings, which can be stretched out like arms and can hook the prey deadly when hunting.

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Speaking of which, have you noticed that this bird is very different from ordinary birds but very similar to dinosaurs? Especially the legs, the big head, and the small hands, except that there is no tail and more hair, they all fit the image of the dinosaur in the movie. From the point of view of time, it appeared 62 million years ago, and dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. It is difficult not to think of dinosaurs as such large carnivorous birds. If you pay attention to some dinosaur research, you will find that whether it is the fierce and terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex, or the oviraptor, which is not the same size as the base, it has begun to grow feathers. This is also the consensus that many paleontologists have gradually reached. Like modern birds, real dinosaurs may have feathers on their bodies, and even these dinosaurs could not fly, so the current paleontological community believes that birds evolved from dinosaurs. To be precise: birds are the only direct descendants of theropod dinosaurs. Birds are dinosaurs, and chickens are dinosaurs.

So what are the characteristics of theropods? The biggest feature is that the bones are hollow, just like birds. Then there are three-toed limbs, and the bird also has three fingers and limbs. Theropod dinosaurs are all bipedal animals with reduced



giant T rex model

forelimb length for special purposes, the most famous of which is the Tyrannosaurus rex. At first, scientists thought that the small hands of the Tyrannosaurus rex were useless, but it has now been found that the small hands of the Tyrannosaurus rex can play a key role in hunting, that is, to fix the prey. This image is very similar to the previous terrifying bird image.

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Another point of evidence that birds are dinosaurs is that birds have horny beaks on their jaws, as did Triceratops. The biggest advantage of beaks over teeth is that they are universal. It can be used to eat plants as well as meat. The reason why birds survived the dinosaur mass extinction is that two-legged dinosaurs with small physiques were easier to adapt to the environment, while large four-legged dinosaurs and large carnivorous dinosaurs failed to escape the disaster. series of harsh environments. On the contrary, this kind of small, light-weight dinosaur can eat anything, is not a picky eater, consumes less energy, is often hungry, can build a nest anywhere, and gradually evolved into today’s chickens. Even though 50 billion are eaten a year, chickens are still the toughest and most numerous dinosaurs in the world.
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