“Dinosaurs in Love” Hits You Like Dinosaurs More

Dinosaurs are creatures of the past, but they are still modern inspirations. Dinosaurs have been muses for centuries. Even today, people like to make their own dinosaur costume or compose fresh dinosaur music. In fact, there are already new songs going viral this year. To stay up to date, here is one of the most popular dinosaur songs in 2020.


The Hottest Prehistoric Song in 2020

In some ways, “Dinosaurs in Love” is an unlikely hit. It was not released by any major recording artist. Instead, it was written by a toddler. The little girl is Fenn Rosenthal, who is the daughter of musician Tom Rosenthal. When Tom posted Fenn’s sweet rendition of “Dinosaurs in Love” in 2020, it quickly went viral.

The song lasts for about a minute, and its simple lyrics reflect a childlike understanding of these prehistoric creatures–Dinosaurs. Within one day, the video was viewed more than 600,000 times. Although Tom provided Fenn accompaniment and support, Fenn wrote the melody and lyrics by herself. Recorded at the family’s home, “Dinosaurs in Love” is Fenn’s first solo.


dinosaur in love


The song follows dinosaurs from their heyday when they could eat people, have parties and fall in love. However, it ends on a somber note with the extinction event that wiped these creatures out. It was so popular that Jimmy Fallon covered the song on his show. After that, “Dinosaurs in Love” was released on venues like Spotify and Apple Music.


The Uncanny Popularity of “Dinosaurs in Love”

No one probably would have predicted that “Dinosaurs in Love” would be a viral hit in 2020. However, its popularity is not as unlikely as it seems. In fact, there is a lot about “Dinosaurs in Love” that makes some sense when you think about humanity’s general fondness for all things prehistoric.

Most people can relate to the childhood fascination little Fenn seems to the harbor for dinosaurs. After all, these huge beasts seem almost mythical, and we like to think about them lumbering through the treetops. There is so much evidence about how dinosaurs lived, but we are left to merely speculate about their time of dominance on this planet.

This ageless fascination is grounded in the song’s childlike candor. The simplistic notions about dinosaurs remind us of our own childhood wonder. In this sense, the song is deeply nostalgic, awakening both our fondest memories and our boldest ambitions. This is a kind of hope we need in the turbulent times ahead in 2020.


Dinosaurs in Love


Get in On the Dinosaur Action with Your Family

If “Dinosaurs in Love” has awakened your love of dinosaurs, then take heart. There are plenty of other ways to make this song even more fun. For example, purchase dinosaur costumes. It may seem a little crazy at first, but the fun you will have is worth it. With dinosaur party costumes and puppets, the whole family can dress up and sing along while you play this song. You can even throw a whole dinosaur party while you are at it. At the party, play dinosaurs music, dance in your dinosaur costume and celebrate the most popular dinosaur songs in 2020.