Dinosaurs with Feathers: The Trek from Theropods to Modern Birds

In the grand history of evolution, feathered dinosaurs offer concrete evidence that birds evolved from a group of theropod dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous. The theory is now well supported in the field of evolutionary biology, and popular science magazines like National Geographic have devoted plenty of article space to these wild, strange beasts of the Mesozoic.

Archaeopteryx, one of the most famous transition fossils, has serrated teeth and a skull that clearly shows it was a carnivorous dinosaur. But the skeleton itself also has impressions of feathers that are similar in some ways to the feathers of modern birds. All modern birds are believed to be descended from these feathered dinosaurs. This means, of course, that dinosaurs did not actually go extinct 65 million years ago. When we see a small songbird perched on the bird-feeder in the backyard, we can be sure that his lineage extends back to the great theropod dinosaurs (like Tyrannosaurus rex) that lived all those geologic eras ago!


feathered dinosaur

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flying dinosaur


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