Dinosaur-themed Kid’s Wallpapers You’ll Love

Decorating a kid’s room can be a challenging task for parents. Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms, and their places should be a reflection of their personalities. So, it’s very crucial to choose the right color palette and the right furniture. The decoration should look not only good but also be cozy and comfortable.
Selecting wallpaper is important for room decoration. And dinosaur-themed wallpapers are extremely popular among kids. This article provides parents with a short introduction to different types of dinosaur wallpapers. You should always keep these three basic tips in mind while choosing dinosaur wallpapers for your kid’s room.

dinosaur skeleton wallpaper

  1. Consider the age: Dinosaur wallpapers are available in many different types from the cartoon, friendly dinosaurs to scary T-Rex ones. It’s crucial to consider the age of your kid while selecting a dinosaur wallpaper for his or her bedroom. For example, if you’re a kid is a toddler or under the age of eight, colorful, cartoon dinosaurs are more appropriate for decorating their room. As they start getting older, you can shift to patterned wallpapers with dinosaur themes. When they reach fourteen or fifteen, you can put up more realistic or three-dimensional dinosaur wallpapers such as those featuring T-Rex.
  1. Choose the right wall: Before purchasing wallpaper, select the wall in which you want to put it up and measure its dimensions. If you don’t know the approximate measurement of the wall, you may end up buying a wallpaper which is either too small or too large. You should also envision from beforehand where you want the wallpaper to go and where the pieces of furniture should be arranged. Don’t place any furniture against the wall where you intend to put up the wallpaper.
  2. Should match with the overall room décor: You don’t want to hang wallpaper which clashes with the room’s color palette and its feel. Before purchasing wallpaper, try to picture in your head how the room would look after it has been put up. The wallpaper should complement the overall décor of the room.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the dinosaur-themed wallpapers for kid’s bedroom which we have gathered for you.


  • Colorful Multiple Dinosaur Wallpaper

Set against a landscape of volcanoes and trees, this wallpaper features illustrated Regaliceratops, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus lounging in the sun and feeding on grass. In the distant, Pteranodons can also be seen flying in the sky. The wallpaper is colored in hues of green, blue and maroon, and adds some quirkiness to the room’s decoration.

Dino Yellow Green Wallpaper Full Screen 1000x

  • The Good Dinosaur Wallpaper

If your kid is a fan of Pixar’s animated film The Good Dinosaur, you can decorate his/her room with The Good Dinosaur wallpaper. This wallpaper depicts a scene from the movie. It shows Spot who is a 5-year-old boy perched atop Arlo, the friendly green Apatosaurus, against a beautiful landscape of snow-capped mountains and coniferous trees. The wallpaper also features Arlo’s friends Butch the Tyrannosaurus Rex and his kids, Ramsey and Nash. This cute and colorful wallpaper will instantly brighten up your kid’s bedroom and some playfulness to it.

 painel o bom dinossauro 1 50x1 00m crianca

  • Brachiosaurus Silhouette in Sunset Wallpaper

This wallpaper depicts a sunset scene featuring two Brachiosaurus enjoying the sunset. We don’t see their features. Only their dark silhouette is contrasting against the sky behind them which is covered in a red and orangish hue. This wallpaper oozes a certain level of serenity and can be suitable for both kids’ and adults’ room.


  • Jurassic Park T-Rex Three-Dimensional Wallpaper

This three-dimensional wallpaper replicates a scene from Steven Spielberg’s famous film Jurassic Park. As a reminder of the scene from the movie, this wallpaper features a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing a pack of Gallimimus. The three-dimensional character of the wallpaper makes it seem as though the T.Rex and the Gallimimus are about to break through the wall of the house and enter the room. Three-dimensional wallpaper can add an extra depth to your kid’s room décor. This thrilling wallpaper is perfect for decorating a teenager’s bedroom. Three-dimensional wallpaper can be easily installed with the help of a knife, paintbrush or roller and squeegee to help with the smoothing of the wallpaper.


  • Yellow and Green Magnetic Dinosaur Wallpaper

Magnetic wallpapers are made of ferrous powdered vinyl to make it magnet receptive. These wallpapers can be easily installed in only three steps. First, paste the magnetic receptive liner to the wall using wallpaper paste. Next, stick the white lining paper over the magnet liner. Follow it up by hanging the illustrated wallpaper. Ensure that you allow some drying time between each stage.
This wallpaper is similar to a patterned wallpaper and features many dinosaurs against different landscapes such as the desert and the forest. The magnetic yellow and green wallpaper is a great alternative to ordinary wallpapers. It provides an interactive surface suitable for storytelling. The kids can move around the dinosaurs on the wallpaper and experiment with different scenes. Essentially, this magnetic wallpaper is similar to gifting the kids a huge storyboard where they get to create their own dinosaur story. They can bring their creative ideas to fruition, so magnetic wallpaper also helps in expanding the imagination of kids.


We hope that you like the dinosaur-themed wallpaper ideas mentioned above. We are confident that our ideas of selection of wallpaper will make kids of all ages – from toddler to teen – extremely happy.