Dinosaur-Themed Activities for Libraries

Storytelling sessions, supervised playtime, art projects, and other diversions can bring to life what kids learn in books. And these offerings can make a library a magnet for local families.

Of course, many children have a strong affinity for dinosaurs. Therefore, dinosaur-themed activities, like those listed below, are usually Jurassic-sized hits.


  • Making Dino Feet

What better way to beat the rainy day blues than to stomp around like a T-Rex? That is, children can make feet out of old Kleenex boxes. After they paint those boxes and attach pieces of foam shaped like toenails, they can try their prehistoric footwear on for size.


make dinosaur foot


  1. Storytelling

If you have an employee with a knack for spinning yarns, he or she could tell children a story about dinosaurs. Maybe it would be about a day in the life of a Spinosaurus. Or it might be a whimsical look at how a Spinosaurus matured from an egg to an adult.

To really make this tale come alive, a second staff member could operate a giant, realistic My Dinosaurs Spinosaurus puppet. It could react to various statements the storyteller makes. The youngsters will surely be spellbound by the puppet’s movements, emotions, and slightly irreverent responses.


dinosaur shoulder puppet

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  1. Role-Playing

Imagine a strikingly lifelike dinosaur trudging into the children’s room of your library one day. Well, a My Dinosaurs realistic walking costume would make this goosebumps-inducing scenario a reality.

For the first few minutes, the kids would probably be mesmerized by the breathing, leering dino right in front of them. However, soon afterward, they could start to role play.

They could pretend to be other dinosaurs — pals of this creature from the deep past. Or they might fancy themselves time travelers who’ve entered a forbidden jungle. For a cinematic effect, you could give the kids flashlights and turn off the lights.

For sure, most of the children would want photos with this ancient animal. They might even ask it a few yes-or-no questions, which it could answer with nods and head shakes.


dinosaur skeleton props 1


  1. Fossil Digging

If your facility has plenty of outdoor space, you might hide an authentic-looking My Dinosaurs dinosaur fossil somewhere on your property. You could even cover it with a tarp or some leaves. Then you and the kids could go on an expedition.

You might start with a discussion of what fossils are. From there, you might have a picnic lunch before searching for the fossil. Upon finding it, you could all clean it off carefully and carry it inside the children’s room. Maybe you’d conclude with a brief talk about the type of dinosaur skeleton you found.

All in all, it would make for an unforgettable look at the lives and work of paleontologists. Perhaps you’d inspire a future career!

These and similar activities are truly engaging. As kids take part in them, they’ll be as wide-eyed as a brontosaurus discovering a fresh grove of trees. And some of your young participants will later check out books on dinosaurs and gobble up as much information as they can.