Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere

Last time, we’ve discussed the application of dinosaur/animal skeletons. As the most experienced and professional dinosaur skeletons manufacturer in China, My Dino Production provides diversities for the usage of dinosaur skeletons. Let’s keep on exploring the various usages of the skeletons.

In addition to the places mentioned last time, what other places can display the skeletons?

1. Library
If you want to shake up your community’s perception of the public library, I strongly suggest you consider getting a giant dinosaur skeleton. You might consider a T-rex if you’ve got a tall enough ceiling. Installing a life-size dinosaur skeleton in the middle of the library has done great things for the Public Library, increasing library usage, community awareness, and general awesomeness.

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere 3

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere 4

23m long Mamenchisaurus skeleton replica>>

Mamenchisaurus is one of the most unique long-necked dinosaurs for a very good reason – it has a really long neck. In fact, it had the longest neck of any creature that ever lived. Stretching 18 meters (60 feet), the neck on Mamenchisaurus was longer than a school bus. The rest of it was just like other members of its family; A long tail, with stout legs.

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere 2

10m long T-rex skeleton>>

Named the “king of the tyrant lizards,” T. rex was built to rule. Find out how these dinosaurs lived, what made them so vicious, and what we’re still learning about them today.

2. Art Exhibition
Message from the credit as Courtesy of Bianca Bondi and Galerie Mor Charpentier:

Underland by #BiancaBondi is currently on view @morcharpentier until the 18th of December, 2021. Her first solo show at the gallery features a series of works in which she mixes her artistic practice with chemistry and occult sciences in order to create installations and sculptures that traverse both the human and the non-human realms.
Bondi presents a series of artworks representative of her research these past two years.
These pieces can be described as an alloy of chemistry and spirituality in which Bondi questions our representations and reflects on the notions of loss, gratitude, and invisible energies in perpetual change. Some of the pieces deal with the ecological impact that is taking place in the ocean right now, proposing it in its duality between disappearance and resurgence.

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere 6

The credit as Courtesy of Bianca Bondi and galerie Mor Charpentier, photo © François Doury>>

From the skull anatomy and teeth to the flipper and vertebral column—show that this large dolphin (a toothed whale in the group Odontoceti) was a top predator in the community in which it lived.

3.Restaurant & Bar
A full-service restaurant with a life-sized dinosaur/animal skeleton is a prehistoric adventure for gathering up the visitors!

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere

Life-sized Sperm Whale Skeleton>>

The Sperm Whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling is enormous (12m long). This restaurant is absolutely worth going to.

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere 1

1.3m T-rex Skull>>

This authentic replica T-rex skull sculpture is the perfect way to add a unique and historical design element. This decor piece is made from a rustic dark brown textured resin and has the shape of a skull of a tyrannosaurus rex. This realistic replica sits atop a black metal stand. This decor piece has details on it that add depth and dimension to any space you use it in. You can use it in the library, in your living room, or office.

Dinosaur Skeletons Displaying in Everywhere 5

Hanging Dragon Skeleton>>

This dragon skeleton is truly a tiny terror and sure to spook all your guests! This item is the perfect addition to your bar Decor.

Production is going on, to be continued…