Dinosaur Prank ideas for April Fool’s Day

Dinosaurs and pranks don’t go together but the fact that April fool’s day is all about fun and spreading the joy of playing pranks on people, it is fine to mix them together. We have known dinosaurs for quite some time now but the fact that they could be alive and walking around us could make us go cold. They are huge creatures and mostly carnivorous which is scary and deadly at the same time. If they were to live in the same world as we do, we would be dead by now. So, when a dinosaur prank is played on someone it is more scary that funny. In this article we will talk about the signs to look out for when expecting a prank and types of dinosaur prank.

Types of Dinosaur Pranks: There are many different kind of pranks that one can play on people for the occasion of April fool’s Day. But it is essential to remember that not all pranks are funny. Imagine a dinosaur running behind you in the middle of the road, what will you do? Get scared, of course. We have only seen dinosaurs in parks, museums and movies. But having one in front of us like the real ones, roar or move is a scary movie come true. Here we will talk about two pranks that scared the people to their darkest nightmares:

dinosaur chase prank

Dinosaur Prank ideas for April Fool’s Day >>

  1. Dinosaur in Park: The name might sound very nice and funny but in real life it is not at all funny to be in a situation similar to this. Imagine a dinosaur (animatronic) fully functioning, running behind you in an open park. Now, this might seem like a very hard prank to do but it is actually done with a lot of professional help. This would need a complete team to do different site checks, and then need to clear the area, and then they will be able to go ahead with the plan of executing the prank. This would probably need one or maximum of two dinosaurs and one person who is to be played the prank upon. Then you need to clear the park area in a condition that would not let the person understand but also clear other people out slowly. Then you need to check the dinosaur if it is working properly or not. After that is done, one needs to run test check on everything else and finally when the time comes, it is to be executed. The person is to be called at the location and then when the time comes, the dinosaur is to be left free. The expressions are going to be priceless and thus they should be recorded.                                                                                          dinosaur prank                                                                                   Dinosaur Prank ideas for April Fool’s Day >>      
  2. Dinosaur in Parking Lot: This is the second type of prank that can be played on someone which can again be very scary for people. First some of the step would be similar to that of the last one i.e. planning a suitable area, then cleaning up the area and since this is a closed area with a low height, one has to work with a dinosaur that is not so tall like a raptor of smaller size. One has to then clear up a segment of the parking lot when the person to be played on is busy somewhere else. This isn’t the most realistic area for a dinosaur to be in but this is scary because at an instance no one can even imagine having a dinosaur in front of them let alone in a parking lot. While they run for their lives around the parking lot, the dinosaur runs behind them too.

dinosaur parnk

 Dinosaur Prank ideas for April Fool’s Day >>

Signs to look out for: When the April fool’s day is nearing by, people are planning to play different pranks on their friends and family members. But there are types of people who don’t like to be played upon and that makes them avoid any kind of outing or social interaction on those specific days. But here are some signs that would help you without hibernating yourself:

  1. Be Alert: You need to be alert when you are looking forward to these days. People generally don’t drop signs but they do mistakes and that’s when you get your chance to save yourself from these pranks.
  2. Social Media Hibernation: No we are not saying that you need to stay away from social media for all the days ahead of 1st or 2nd April. It is just you need to save yourself from any kind of bad joke on those days which can further harm the safety over social media. You can sign out for a day and then log back in another day to be safe from the “new password” or “hacking” jokes.
  3. Mix: Yes, you need to mix with people so that they don’t attack you when you are completely alone. Being attacked alone is not at all fun since that might turn into a scary event, so be with a crowd to avoid any that kind of incident.

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 Dinosaur Prank ideas for April Fool’s Day >>


  1. Be Safe: Safety is the first and foremost important point while one is planning a prank on anybody. Since a prank can turn into a nightmare for someone if it goes wrong.
  2. Don’t be Harmful: You need to be safe and harmless while you play the prank. It is important to not hurt the person emotionally and physically. Since, a prank needs to be just a prank.
  3. Time till Noon: It is an old tradition and is maintained dutifully in some places around the world that says no prank should be played once the clock strikes 12:00.

These are some of the April fool’s day pranks that can scare people so much that they remember them for their lives. But while these pranks are played, one has to remember how to be cautious and maintain the safety guidelines. Remember not everyone likes a prank and that is why do not invade into a space that people would take as an insult. Be safe!