Dinosaur Parade Float: A Must-See for Jurassic Lovers

People of all ages love parades, and they also love dinosaurs. It makes sense, then, that a dinosaur parade float is always a must-see. In fact, some of the world’s most celebrated parades rely on dinos to get the crowds cheering and the photos snapping.


Famous Parades, Dinosaur Sensations 

First, let’s consider the America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. In 2017, it debuted a spectacular float that was called — appropriately enough — Dinosaurs on Parade. It was 125 feet in length and boasted colorful creatures, including a stegosaurus. The audience could barely look away from these beasts as they passed by, and many mouths hung wide open.

For many families, watching Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses Parade is a cherished tradition. The 2012 version featured a stunning float from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. It contained three dinosaurs, and a snarling Tyrannosaurus rex was among them. Built by volunteers, this float also sported a replica of the museum behind the dinos. All in all, it looked like a child’s daydream sprung to life.


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Perhaps the best-known procession of all is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which graces Manhattan every November. Of course, it’s seen its fair share of dinosaurs over the years, and one of the most memorable arrived in 2017. This dinosaur parade float from Sinclair Oil didn’t just travel the length of the Macy’s route. Rather, it stomped across the entire country, making seven stops before Thanksgiving so that people nationwide could admire its inflatable beauty.


The Majesty of Dinosaur Floats 

I know how spectators feel the first time they see dinosaur floats looming over them. I saw such a float when I was young, and I recall how the excitement washed over me. For an instant, I wasn’t looking at a balloon at all. Instead, I was witnessing a primal beast returning to Earth, one that was probably pretty hungry. I could just imagine its roars, and I could hear its stomach growling as well.

That enormous feet of the dinosaur statue seemed ready to smash holes in the pavement. Its sharp teeth and its mesmerizing scales glistened in the sunlight, and they made me shiver all over. And those dark, primordial eyes seemed to be glaring right at me. They were beady and penetrating. Was the creature looking to make a new friend — or looking for a quick snack?



Dinosaur floats recreate movie scenes that we’ve all seen, images of relentless monsters wreaking havoc in towns and cities. Helicopters and police cruisers are helpless to stop them. Their power is unmatched.

It’s that power that makes these floats a must-see for Jurassic fans. Standing next to such a mighty, ferocious animal at a parade makes us feel just as powerful and just as alive. As a result, we can’t stop staring at and pointing to the dinosaurs right there in front of us.

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