Dinosaur Mountain at the Arizona Museum of Natural History

The team at the Arizona Museum of Natural History is gearing up for the 2023 re-emergence of their dinosaur mountain.

The team has its own professional team with a wealth of knowledge in dinosaur history. According to the design drawing provided by the customer, we customized two unpainted dinosaurs ( Bistahieversor and Mymoorapelta ) for them. Our production department strictly controls the shape, skin texture, and movement of the dinosaurs, and finally makes them come to life.

Animatronic Bistahieversor 1

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Animatronic Mymoorapelta

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After the delivery, the museum’s paleontological artists began their art creation. Based on the archaeological record of dinosaurs, they painted their colors to bring the two dinosaurs back to life.

animatronic Bistahieversor

Dinosaur Mountain has two new customized animatronic dinosaurs that will thrill visitors. These new dinosaurs roar, move and fill the space with a prehistoric soundscape enhancing the visitor experience. It was also essential to the Arizona Museum of Natural History (AZMNH) paleontologists that the animatronic dinosaurs reflect the science. Paleontologists,

animatronic Mymoorapelta

artists, and our exhibitions team collaborated closely to create two animatronic dinosaurs you will not see or hear anywhere else.


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