Where Do Dinosaur Model Collectors Find Their Dream Models

Looking For A Dinosaur Model Or Toy?

Dinosaurs have touched the hearts of boys and girls around the world since we dug up the first over-sized set of bones. They’ve inspired animatronic dinosaurs toy lines, action figures, miniature statues, puppets, and anything else you can imagine.

You may want to start a collection of dinosaur models to let you or your child’s imagination roam and flourish. You might even want to set up a small display of highly-detailed and scientifically accurate models. If that’s the case, you might have some difficulty finding the perfect toys or models. Good dinosaur models and scale replicas aren’t exactly common.

Luckily, there are a lot of different specialty stores to help you find less common additions for your collection, and we’ve created a resource to help you find them. You’ll also be surprised by what you can find on second-hand sites or the sites of big box stores.


Where To Find Dinosaur Models And Toys

There are many places to find different dinosaur models or toys when they’re first produced, and even though companies have slowed down on creating new toys, Walmart and other big box stores are always carrying some sort of dinosaur memorabilia that’s fairly decent.

One great place to find realistic display models is Prehistoric Planet. Their models don’t tend to have moving parts that break or wear, and the level of detail that they put into their models is insane.

They have models that portray scientifically accurate representations of dinosaurs and dinosaur biology. So, they make for great collectibles.

If you really want to find your next T-Rex or Apatosaurus toy, you’ll want to use an online resource like this blog-style website(https://www.dinosaur-toys-collectors-guide.com/). Models aren’t sold directly from the site, but it’s a great way to learn about different manufacturers of old dinosaur toys. You won’t a lot of information about detailed replicas, but it’s a haven for toy collectors.


dinosaur with wine bottle


Once you use the Dinosaur Toys Collectors Guide, you can go to sites like Amazon or Ebay and search for the specific toy that you want. It’s a lot easier than just randomly searching the web.

Finally, places like MyDinosaurs, can create models, life-sized suits, robotic puppets, and other dinosaur products that match exactly what you need for your collection. They’re more of a specialty service than a traditional storefront, but the custom nature of their products gives you unlimited options.


What Dinosaur Models And Toys Can You Find?

You can find all sorts of dinosaur models and toys from across the ages. If you look at used markets such as Ebay or LetGo, you can find the old steel toys from SRG and MARX. Both of those brands have tons of value as collectibles, and they’re great additions to anyone’s collection.

The older toys don’t tend to have a lot of detail, but their classic charm and tough construction makes them the perfect choice for smaller pieces of your collection.

While you can find toys that can match anything you really need for your collection, some of the hottest ones to target come from everyone’s favorite dinosaur-themed movie franchise.


Jurassic Park toys


The Jurassic Park toys are realistically detailed, built well, and pretty varied. There have been high-quality Jurassic Park toys made for each of the films, and most of them are perfect for collectors.

These are mostly available from places such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon, but their popularity makes it easy to find them on sites that allow people to sell their old stuff, too. A great way to get deals on bulk packs of old Jurassic Park toys is search Facebook Marketplace or LetGo.

If you need something a little more realistic, there are a lot of different custom producers out there, and they sell items that are much higher quality than what you’ll find in the toy aisle of your local store.

A great example of this type of model is Creative Beast’s Dromaeosaurus model. It has 26 points of articulation to help you pose it the way you want, and it’s so detailed that you can count its individual feathers.


How To Choose Dinosaur Models Or Toys

Picking which toys to add to your collection is something that only you can do. However, there are a few types of toys that you won’t regret adding to your collection regardless of your tastes.

The metal figures from the 50’s and 60’s are always great finds, and despite their age and rarity, they’re not very expensive. In fact, you can find most of them for far less than 20 dollars each. When you consider how much other toy collections can cost, that’s not a bad deal at all.

The Lego sets with dinosaur themes are also extremely popular among collectors. They’re closer to building sets than realistic models and toys, but they’re fun, and they tend to appreciate in value quite a bit.


dinosaur park gate

FDF-044 Customization Jurassic Dinosaur Park Gate Entrance>>


We recommend getting life-like models if you want to set up a serious display, though. Prehistoric Planet, Creative Beast, and MyDinosaurs are all great places to find them, and the details present in their models will leave anyone viewing your collection in awe.

Besides that, it’s entirely up to you. Whether you’re looking for realistic figures from the modern era, or if you want older toys from your own childhood, there’s something out there for everyone.


Final Thoughts

Now is a great time to get into starting a dinosaur model or toy collection. The internet has opened up a lot of doors for budding collectors, and there are a lot of different resources for you to use.

If you’re thinking about starting your own collection, try following some of the links we attached. They go to some of the best places for collectors to find the dinosaur models of their dreams.