Dinosaur Facts – That You May Don’t Know

Dinosaurs have always been a mysterious species for us. They were really big, some of them even had feathers, and they all went extinct 65 million years ago after a giant meteor hit the Earth. But what don’t you know? Here is a quick and easy overview of the most important highlights of what was happening in the Dinosaur’s world.

Pterosaurs and Marine Reptiles Weren’t Technically Dinosaurs

It may seem like nitpicking, but the word “dinosaur” applies only to land-dwelling reptiles possessing a specific hip and leg structure, among other anatomical characteristics. As large and impressive as some genera (such as Quetzalcoatlus and Liopleurodon) were, flying pterosaurs and swimming plesiosaurs (ichthyosaurs and mosasaurs) weren’t dinosaurs at all—and some of them weren’t even all that closely related to dinosaurs, save for the fact that they’re also classified as reptiles. While we’re on the subject, Dimetrodon—which is often described as a dinosaur—was actually an entirely different kind of reptile that flourished tens of millions of years before the first dinosaurs evolved.

Dinosaur Facts That You May Don’t Know2

Dinosaurs Didn’t All Go Extinct at the Same Time

When that meteor impacted the Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago, the result wasn’t a huge fireball that instantly incinerated all of the dinosaurs on Earth, along with the pterosaurs, and marine reptiles. Rather, the process of extinction dragged on for hundreds, and possibly thousands, of years, as plunging global temperatures, lack of sunlight, and the resulting lack of vegetation profoundly altered the food chain from the bottom up. Some isolated dinosaur populations, sequestered in remote corners of the world, may have survived slightly longer than their brethren, but it’s a sure fact that they are not alive today.

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The Vast Majority of Dinosaurs Were Plant Eaters

Fierce carnivores like Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus get all the press, but it’s a fact of nature that the meat-eating “apex predators” of any given ecosystem are tiny in number compared to the plant-eating animals on which they feed (and which themselves subsist on the vast amounts of vegetation needed to sustain such large populations).

Dinosaur Facts That You May Don’t Know

Bolt ran faster than T-Rex

The running situation of a computer simulating T-Rex shows that its highest speed is about 29 km per hour. Although this is not enough to catch up with the car, it is more than enough to catch most human beings.
This is to say unless you are an athlete like Usain Bolt, running speed is 44 kilometers per hour, you will not be caught. However, even Bolt is hard to get rid of the pursuit of Dromiceiomimus, whose speed is 60 kilometers per hour.

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Some dinosaurs can live to 300 years old

“The ancient biologist is estimated that the life of the large dinosaurs is between the ages of 75 and 300. However, these estimates are based on the information we have mastered, if the dinosaur is warm, their life will It is better than this. “Laura Mears said.
Most estimates believe that the longest dinosaur life is at least 75 years old, up to 3 centuries, although there is still controversy.

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Some Dinosaurs Were Warm-Blooded

Modern reptiles like turtles and crocodiles are cold-blooded, or “ectothermic,” meaning they need to rely on the external environment to maintain their internal body temperatures. Modern mammals and birds are warm-blooded, or “endothermic,” possessing active, heat-producing metabolisms that maintain constant internal body temperature, no matter the external conditions. There’s a solid case to be made that at least some meat-eating dinosaurs—and even a few ornithopods—must have been endothermic since it’s hard to imagine such an active lifestyle being fueled by a cold-blooded metabolism. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that giant dinosaurs like Argentinosaurus were warm-blooded since they would have cooked themselves from the inside out in a matter of hours.

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