Dinosaur Exhibitions in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are the new trendsetters the world over. Families’ likes to visit malls as it offers something for all age groups. Now many shopping malls hold some dinosaur exhibitions to increase the popularity and attract more people.

Dinosaurs are extinct, but their fascination is great. Dinosaur exhibitions will bring people science knowledge and fun. Exhibits like this usually display things including animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur specimens, and prehistoric animal models. Lifelike Dinosaur exhibits are loved by people of all ages.

shopping mall dinosaur exhibition

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Dinosaur exhibitions in shopping malls play a role as the decorative facilities, and help to enhance the business.

Features of Shopping Mall Dinosaur Exhibitions

Here are some features of shopping mall dinosaur exhibits:

Science Education

Dinosaur exhibitions can popularize natural science knowledge, you can understand the some interesting knowledge of dinosaurs in a creative way.

shopping mall dinosaur exhibition 1

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Interesting Interactivity

There are a variety of games in the dinosaur shows. For example, you can ride on the dinosaur for fun, you can be the researchers digging the dinosaur fossils to explore the mysteries of the dinosaurs, or you can enjoy the dinosaur eggs in the hide and seek game.

Dinosaur eggs

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Easy Installation

The shopping mall only needs to arrange the exhibition venue and the security work during the exhibition, while the dinosaur exhibits can be leased or purchased from the dinosaur production company.


shopping mall dinosaur exhibition 7

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Positive Publicity

Dinosaur exhibitions will help you catch more eyes from consumers. That is very good for the shopping mall promotions.

Recommended games and activities

Here are some recommended games and activities that help to enhance your dinosaur exhibitions:

  • Assemble seperated bones into a complete dinosaur skeleton.
  • Dinosaur fossil dig. For example, you can bury T-Rex dinosaur bones separately in the sand for kids dig parties. That will a few sets of bones that together form the whole skeleton of a T-rex. Splitting the skeleton up in about 10-15 parts it fine for this game.

animatronic dinosaur park 2

Dinosaur Exhibition Kids Game – Dinosaur Fossil Dig >>

  • Word scramble Dinosaurs in which names of different dinosaurs have to be compiled.
  • Call the names of different dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur Kiddie Rides. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride a dinosaur? I promise that all of visitors would think that it’s amazing.

Dinosaur Car 1

Shopping Mall Dinosaur Game – Dinosaur Car Riding >>

  • Photo Spots. Experience different themes of dinosaur world. Then visitors can record and share every wonderful moment with pictures.
  • Walk A Dinosaur. Getting access to an interactive animatronic dinosaur is such an unbelievable thing for every single one. Thus, a dinosaur costume exhibit would be perfectly fine to arouse the interest and attention of the public.
  • Interact with dinosaur puppets. A realistic-looking dinosaur puppet may get a bit scary for kids at their first glance, I assume that they would finally be good friends though!

Halloween dinosaur puppet

Interactive Dinosaur Game – Dinosaur Shoulder Puppets >>

If you are running a shopping mall and you want to have a dinosaur exhibition, I hope the information in this article can be helpful for you.