Dinosaur That Has Been Discovered With Full Size Fossils

With the development of the time and people’s exploration, many fossils and footprints of prehistoric animals were found. They were witnesses of the earth in a period. Due to intricate climatic reasons, many of them are just partly discovered. While Lufengosaurus has full fossils that were discovered.
To commemorate this great discovery, Lufengosaurus – the protagonist of the world’s first dinosaur stamp.


In 1958, the General Postal Administration of China issued the “Lufengosaurus Commemorative Stamp”
Lufengosaurus lived in the early Jurassic period. The fossil was found in Lufeng County, Yunnan Province, China, so it was named “Lufengosaurus”. Lufengosaurus belonged to the primitive sauropod dinosaurs and is considered to be the ancestor of the later giant herbivorous dinosaurs. As an early member of herbivorous dinosaurs, Lufengosaurus was 5 meters long and more than 2 meters high when standing.

Lufengosaurus 1

It has a small head and feet with toes with thick claws at the ends. The forelimbs are short and have 5 fingers. A sturdy big tail is dragged behind, which can be used to support the body when standing as if carrying a stool with you. This behavior is much like a modern kangaroo.

Lufengosaurus 2

The skull is small (equivalent to the length of the first three and a half vertebrae of the tail), the nostrils are triangular, the eye sockets are large and round, the superior temporal foramen is located on the upper part of the skull, it’s invisible from the side view. The mandibular joint is below the dentition, and there is an unossified space between the upper occipital and parietal bones. It’s with small teeth and not a sharp, single, slightly flattened crown, with serrations on both front and rear edges. The neck is long, the spine is thick and the tail is long.

Lufengosaurus 3

Habits, Lufengosaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur living in shallow water. It has sharp claws and teeth, and the claws of the thumb are particularly large. It mainly lives on plant leaves or soft algae, and mostly walks on two legs. When eating and resting on the shore, the forelimbs also land and assist the movement of the hind limbs and snout.
Lufengosaurus is the most primitive and oldest vertebrate fossil group in the world today; the types of Lufengosaurus fossils are the largest in the world.

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