Dinosaur culture in the big enterprises

A thriving business attracts many customers, and it also motivates its customers. Of course, to accomplish these things, you need to create the right environment. Well, a dinosaur in an office or a store can set that ideal tone: exciting, creative, and ready to conquer the world.

Whether you have a life-size dinosaur in your parking lot or an action figure in your conference room, dinosaur culture is sure to liven up your workplace.


Dinosaur culture in the Big enterprises


Brands That Celebrate Dinosaurs
One dino-loving brand is Google, and it’s been pretty successful over the years. The company displays a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton on its main campus. And, in its offices, you’ll find a colorful statue of a second fearsome dinosaur.


GooglePlex buildings dinosaur

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Dinosaurs can enter a company’s culture in other ways. Sinclair Oil’s logo is a brontosaurus. The Toronto Raptors have a lovable velociraptor mascot. Plus, many companies sponsor paleontological research and exhibits. For example, Bank of America helped fund a major dinosaur display at New York’s American Museum of Natural History.


sinclair dinosaur


On top of that, at large and small companies alike, employees who love dinosaurs show off stuffed animals, posters, and more. Thus, even if your company doesn’t have the cash to purchase a full dinosaur fossil, you could still turn your place of business into a primeval world. Your hallways could roar to life with dinosaur streamers and cardboard cutouts.

Best of all, you could supply your workspace with a lifelike, breathing robotic dinosaur from My Dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs and Business: A Powerful Mix

Why are dinos so good at enhancing a corporate atmosphere?
Dinosaurs carry strong psychological associations. When people gaze at one of these creatures, they sense power and majesty. Therefore, when staff members and customers see dinos at your workplace, they may subliminally think of your company as a powerful place.

Moreover, just about every company would like to get bigger. The sight of enormous dinosaurs can thus be motivating; they can remind a corporate team to strive for corporate growth. Indeed, like a dinosaur stomping its way through a primordial swamp, every business would like to make the competition cower in fear.

Not to mention, dinosaurs are just plain memorable. When potential customers and business partners enter your workplace and see dinosaurs, they’ll admire the beauty of these ancient animals. These decorations could stir up warm childhood memories of dinosaur movies or dinosaur exhibits. And, with a life-size dinosaur, your visitors will be struck by your company’s imaginative nature. Of course, when you make a positive impression on people, they’re more likely to do business with you later on.

In the end, a dinosaur in your office can make the place more welcoming and more fun. Dinosaur culture also sends a message: Look, these animals didn’t go extinct. They’re still around to delight us and scare us. Neither will our company go extinct!