Dinosaur Adventure Park for the Whole Family!

Dinosaur Parks have become very popular since the movie Jurassic Park made a huge hit worldwide giving people a taste of the Jurassic and the Cretaceous period. Dinosaur parks are a great place for a trip of the whole family. There is so much more to explore in a dinosaur adventure park!

The Virtual Experience

Imagine getting a real-life experience of live dinosaurs running around you, feeling their presence around you, roaring near you and scaring the daylights out of you. Well, now in a dinosaur park you can experience it first hand with the help of VR headset. And you get digital handles to control your movements in the virtual world.

Dinosaur Park Adventure

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The Animatronics Dinosaurs

Nowadays at every dinosaur adventure park, you can see life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. There can move and interact with people by the pre-programmed settings. There look so real and kids may think they are the real existing creatures and they are so scared and run away. However, there are baby dinosaur hand puppets and walking around dinosaur costume / suit which look friendly and cute, which can be used to interact with fragile kids and give them a great dinosaur experience.

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The Dino Rides

So parks provide dinosaur themed rides for you to drive around or take photos as a Jurassic warrior. Many adults or kids loves riding on dinosaurs and have great fun. There are so many rides of different dinosaurs. Just pick the one you like and start the adventure with your family!

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The Educative Lectures

Dinosaur adventure parks also hold some educational lectures where they teach the visitors about the types and facts of dinosaurs. That is great for kids and anyone who are eager to know about the Jurassic era. A wonderful lecture will open a whole new world for them.

Dinosaur Park Adventure 2

The Museum Experience

Some dinosaur parks have a section where it holds original artifacts, like dinosaur fossils or skeletons, photos of digging excavation and something else. Visiting a dinosaur adventure park gives people opportunities to explore and experience some species that have no sign of life today or any chance of revival.

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Face Painting

Face painting is a seasonal attraction with various opening hours. You can be transformed into a T-rex or even a Sabre Tooth Tiger. If you don’t want a full face, face painters can also do half a face or even have a diplodocus on your hand. And if you don’t like a green T-rex, there are other colors for your select like blue, yellow or even pink!

Here are some dinosaur adventure parks for you:

So, if you are looking for an adventurous outing with your family, take them to these amazing dinosaur adventure parks or museums.