Dinosaur Activities in Shopping Mall

How to bring more guests to the shopping mall during various holidays? Holding a dinosaur activity in shopping mall may attract more popularity,  and the mall will be well-known after the activity. It is proved to be an amazing promotional marketing method which can increase the marketing amount significantly. Moreover, the dinosaur exhibition as a theme activity for the shopping mall brings sales amount as well.  Customers come here for shopping and for fun at the same time after the mall turns into a fairyland which entertains adults and children to take part in. Children can look at these creatures, learn about them and even ride a few. It features realistic scenes, enormous dinosaurs, cute baby dinosaurs, a Dinosaur band, and lots of fun activities for children of all ages. Here listing the interactive activities and exhibitions which can be held in shopping malls.

Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition

Build a mini dinosaur world to take the prehistoric monsters back to life.
A range of fun and engaging activities designed to appeal to and engage all members of the family. This kind of event simulates what it would be like to experience the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods first hand. Moving the eyes, mouth, arm, stomach and tail, and screaming aloud, these animatronic dinosaurs of all size shuttling in the jungle. Some of them are eating leaves, some are drinking water. Look, The raptors are attacking a Maiasaura over there. These alive creatures make you create an illusion that you went back to millions of years ago. Now the shopping mall is not only the mall but also an amusement mini park for all the customers.

sgopping mall dinosaur exhibition Shopping Mall

sgopping mall dinosaur exhibition


Interactive Dinosaur Activities

As everyone knows, women are always keen on going shopping. Taking children with them to the mall is inevitable. But it seems that the children has no any interests on the clothes shop, bag shop etc. If there are some stuffs they are interested in, like interactive dinosaurs, things will be different.

  1. Entertaining dinosaur rides. Children can take a ride on the dinosaurs and act as dinosaur trainers with spending a small amount of money. There are several kinds of dazzling dinosaur rides: walking dinosaur, dinosaur scooter, animatronic dinosaur ride which are all with movements of head, mouth, forelimbs and tail and roar loudly. T rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus… Various dinosaurs for your choice. If the T rex looks fierce, then let’s choose the herbivorous triceratops. Children will not enjoy the Jurassic adventure by riding the dinosaur only once. So they have to pay the extra fee for the next riding which will increase the income of the mall. For the toddlers, they might be too young to ride on the dinosaur by themselves, but don’t worry, due to the rides can bear two knights in the meanwhile, their parents can ride together with them and enjoy the family time. Kids get much more fun by riding them and never be bored with it.                                                                                                       Shopping mall dinosaur ride
  2. Fossil digging area. Dinosaurs are still the most attractive creatures although they have been died out for millions of years. There’s a fossil digging area where the young paleontologists can dig up ancient bones and enjoy exploring the secrets from the bones. The fossil bones can made up a complete dinosaur skeleton after putting these pieces of bones together which likes a puzzle. Plenty of knowledge obtained during the process, children’s practical ability improved as well. Don’t think that only the large space can fit for the digging area, a small area can still entertain children as well.                                                                                        fossil digging
  3. Dinosaur costume & puppet show. Prehistoric dinosaur alive in the mall and shake hands and scream at you. What an exciting walking with dinosaur experience! Loved by audiences, the animatronic walking dinosaur generates interest and excitement wherever he goes! With the animatronic faces and body movements, real legs, eyes that stare and blink, a tail that swings viciously from side to side, and a lifelike roar, children will be forgiven for screaming out loud when they meet him in the mall. Of course, some timid guys may be scared of the monster. Now, it’s the turn for baby dinosaur puppet. The dinosaur baby lying in the handler’s arm and needs to be taken care of very carefully. They are hungry for attention, take a good look around. What a cute creature! All the kids come to touch it gently. Hanging out in the shopping mall is no longer boring for them. dinosaur hand puppet shopping mall   dinosaur hand puppet shopping mall 1
  4. Dinosaur props for taking photo. Taking interesting photos with dinosaur props and upload them to social media becomes a fashion trend these days. It is a terrific opportunity and guaranteed to cause a social media stir as well as bringing crowds of people to the mall. Children and adults like jumping into the giant dinosaur egg and stick their head out, just like they are new-hatched dinosaur babies. Some others climb into the T-rex mouth with a scary face and have their photo taken roaring like they are swallowed by the dinosaur.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dinosaur eggs            Dinosaur Head

Once read the text, you can’t wait to set out to hold a dinosaur activity for your mall , store or other kind of playground. MY DINOSAURS is able to supply all the above dinosaur stuffs for your promotional activity.