My Dino Animatronic Dinosaurs for Top 10 Family Dinosaur Park in UK

My Dino Animatronic Dinosaurs For Top 10 Family Dinosaur Park in UK

These 11 sets life sized mechanical dinosaurs are for an old customer from UK,all the models are ready to go UK !

animatronid dinosaur UK

Life Size Mechanical Dinosaur >>

Our first cooperation with this customer was in 2014, it was not a big order, but our customer was very satisfied with our after-sale, this is why when they have a new project, we are the first supplier came up in their mind.

animatronic dinosaur uk

Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur Spinosaurus >>

animatronic dinosaur uk

Giant Moving Dinosaur T-Rex >>

animatronic dinosaur uk

Robotic Dinosaur Carnotaurus >>

According to customer’s request, they are looking for well known dinosaurs. After discussing with our customers, they chose animatronic T-REX, allosaurus, Carnotaurus, velociraptor, triceratops, Spinosaurus from our recommendation.

These new animatronic dinosaur props are for their park new project in August, we are very excited to see the new emulation dinosaur models in their park!

If you are interested in our animatronic models, contact us, we will provide you a whole solution for your project !