Dimetrodon: More Closely Related to Humans Than Dinosaurs

At first glance, dimetrodon, which flourished during the Permian period, looks like a normal dinosaur. It was about 2 meters tall and 3 meters long, not big, crawling on all fours. His sharp teeth are reminiscent of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of meat-eating dinosaurs, but the sail on his back is reminiscent of a vegetarian stegosaurus. The name Dimetrodon is derived from the sharp canine teeth that are different from other teeth. According to the researchers, the fin-like sails on the back of the dinosaurs were just as thermally regulated as the bony plates on the stegosaurus. Such an ancient creature with features of both a carnivore and a plant-eater. It puzzled paleontologists because of its small size and long tail bones. Many of the early dimetrodon fossils were missing tail bones, which led paleontologists to mistake them for short-tailed, big-headed dinosaurs.
But dimetrodon is not a dinosaur. The Dimetrodon lived long before the dinosaurs, and the boundary between time and space was marked by the Permian-Triassic extinction event, which ended the dimetrodon’s reign some 251.4 million years ago and began the reign of dinosaurs over the earth’s surface. In movies and popular science books today, dimetrodon is often referred to as a type of dinosaur, which is not accurate. Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus lived in the middle and late Jurassic, tens of millions of years apart from the diodontosaurus. In the same way, just because birds have wings, bats have wings, and insects have wings does not mean that these three animals are of the same kind of closely related.

Dimetrodon More Closely Related to Humans

What makes dimetrodon different from dinosaurs is its big, cute head. Larger mandibles allow more muscles to be attached, and more muscles allow the creature to exert more force to move the upper and lower foreheads, enabling powerful chewing. Without such a structure, creatures would be swallowed whole or chewed roughly.

dimetrodon skeleton

When we used to destroy animal fossils classify, always judge a person by his appearance “, “according to the shape similarity to decide, in that case, a different tooth at first glance, of course, is the dragon and dinosaur closer, but if use the more advanced classification method, we’ll realize it looks like we are not different tooth dragon, is one of the ancestors of modern mammals. The two different teeth of dimetrodon eventually developed into the different functional teeth of modern mammals. A stronger mandible gave us the ability to chew food and absorb nutrients, allowing us to survive the long march of evolution. Evolutionary success depends on the ability to eat and swallow, so food is not just a myth.
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