Denmark Dinosaur World: a Fully Functional Park

The Denmark Dinosaur World is a unique place in Australia’s Southern Forests. Situated a 10 minutes drive from the Tree Top Walk.
Denmark is home to a bird and reptile park with the added fascination of dinosaur replicas. Visitors are able to experience a hands-on, mind-on, interactive eco-adventure into the world of dinosaurs, birds and reptiles.

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In the area of birds and reptiles, visitors will Experience the amazing Southern Forest and interact with nature. Meet and learn about conservation and breeding programmes of the critically endangered Red Tailed Black Cockatoo and the spectacularly coloured Giant Macaws from the Amazon rainforest of South America. Marvel at the secret and intriguing world of Australias fascinating and unique reptiles, including rare Pythons, Dragon Lizards and Monitor Lizards.

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Denmark Dinosaur World has a world class permanent exhibition of Dinosaur Skeletons including the only T-Rex in Australia. In this exhibition, visitors will reap an excellent experience. Get up close and personal with the only T-Rex in Australia. Marvel at Protoceratops, the horned Dinosaurs plus many more. Meet Velociraptor made infamous in the movie “Jurassic Park”. See some of the tallest and smallest meat eating Dinosaurs.

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Denmark is blessed with a vast array of attractions and activities as well as a range of other experiences to amaze and entertain. Immerse yourself in the region’s creative industries by visiting galleries that specialize in locally crafted timber works, ceramics, jewelery, glass works, paintings and drawings.

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Open daily, the parkland setting has a picnic and barbecue facilities. There is ample parking for caravans and buses. The gift shop has books on the dinosaur, reptiles and birds. There are public toilets, wheel chair access, refreshments and espresso coffee available.

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