Custom Made Dinosaur Costume

We have made hundreds of different styles dinosaur costumes, what if your customer like have some metal decorations on his new dinosaur costume? Will we make this idea workable?
This customer is from Belgium, an experienced amusement park events planning company. What’s his first idea is making something different than usual dinosaur costume. We suggest dragon costume, dinosaur skeleton costume, 4 feet costume like triceratops or even dinosaur costume for kids wearing, but these proposals seems not that suitable for his new events, one week later he gave us an drawing which is a dinosaurs with a lot of mechanical components, looks like a dinosaur fighter!

mechanical dinosaur costume
How can we make this dinosaur warrior to be a light weight and flexible dinosaur costume? After discuss with customer and our artist, we figure out this problem and proceed the production.

To reduce the weight of the costume, we sculpture all the mechanical components on different high density sponge, to make the surface smooth by different materials and technics.

mechanical dinosaur costume
After we send the video of the final work , customer told us, we didn’t image how the costume would like to be, this is our first to buy prop from you, but this costume looks amazing, it is totally beyond our expectation !

mechanical dinosaur costume

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We are always open to receive any comment from our customer to ensure each custom made product could giant positive feedback and give more fun to the families and audiences.

Shall you have any new idea, you can contact us, our professional team will give you Multi-Solution.