Cryolophosaurus is one of the earliest meat-eating dinosaurs found so far. It lived in what is now Antarctica and had a small curved crest on the top of its head.

More Information

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Fact file

  • Pronounced cry-o-loaf-oh-sore-us
  • Meaning of name frozen crested lizard
  • Length 8m
  • Weight 500kg
  • Teeth many sharp and pointed teeth
  • Diet carnivorous
  • Food other animals
  • How it moved on 2 legs
  • When it lived Early Jurassic (170 million years ago)
  • Found in Antarctica

Taxonomic details

  • Taxonomy: Dinosauria, Saurischia, Theropoda, Neotherapoda, Tetanurae, Avetherapoda, Carnosauria, Allosauroidea, Sinraptoridae, Yangchuanosaurus
  • Named by: Dong, Chang, Li and Zhou (1978)
  • Type species: shangyouensis