Christmas Gift Ideas for Dinosaur Lovers

It is not always easy to uncover smart Christmas gift ideas for dinosaur lovers. My Dinosaur has the perfect selection of items. When the holidays hit, you will easily be able to find something that will provide a smile and enjoyment to an enthusiast of prehistoric creatures. Are you ready for some of the most unique suggestions?


Fossil Kits


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Dinosaur lovers are sure to enjoy digging up their own fossils. Thanks to the various kits available, anyone can be a paleontologist for a few hours. Most units include tools for excavating block molds, brushes, and magnifying glasses. Some items include real fossils of dinosaur bones. An excellent accompaniment is a dinosaur skull mini replica. This item can be hung on the wall or left on a table for display. It is like a personal museum piece that will bring a smile to any dinosaur lover.


Dinosaur Puppets



Which dino lover wouldn’t like to control one of these creatures with his or her own hands or even shoulders? A realistic puppet is the perfect answer. Each unit is personalized so that it maximizes the movements. There are a number of styles available. Thanks to the blinking eyes, moving neck, and other similar actions, it will be like having a pet dinosaur. The vivid colors add to the appeal and are sure to keep everyone interested for hours.


Playskool Ride-On Animatronic Dinosaur

Shopping mall dinosaur ride

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Feed the imagination of your child with a moving terrestrial. Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most recognizable creatures. With this unit, your child will live the dream of returning to prehistoric times. Just like at a famous park or museum, your dino enthusiast can climb on top and ride around on the large carnivore. It is a true way to spark creative play and turn your backyard into Jurassic Park.


Dinosaur Costume

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with a lifelike dinosaur costume. Having a realistic item will transform any adult into a prehistoric creature. Thrill children who love dinosaurs. Also, indulge your inner velociraptor. Thanks to the breathing and roaring sound effects, you will create an even scarier environment. This item is much more than an ordinary outfit. It is customized and moves like a real dinosaur. The mouth opens and closes, the head turns up and down, the claws scratch, and the tail swings. It is truly a masterpiece in motion.


Dinosaur Costume for Store Openings


The above Christmas gift ideas should be under the tree of your favorite dinosaur lover. For these and other unique options, be sure to visit My Dinosaur. When the boxes are unwrapped, you are sure to hear roars of delight.