How to Choose a Suitable Dinosaur Costume?

Everyone is always eager to make things very fun and exciting, and costume can be the right props. There are so many costumes for different occasions. Today I will show you a lot dinosaur themed costumes. You may pick which you like for you occasion.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume: This is a lightweight costume as the name suggests and it can be inflated before the occasion. Usually it is made of waterproof high density polyester. It suits for unisex adults, tall teens. It can be inflated in about 2min. Note to take half a crouching posture to wear this suit.

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Dino Hoodie: This is a perfect costume for the kids who want to roam around scaring their fellow mates. You can either buy one online that is readymade or you can even prepare one yourself by collecting certain materials. You can collect some foam, a hoodie and some colourful markers. Then you can cut the foam in shape of canines. After that, stick them on the top of the hoodie to make them look like teeth. You can also draw on the body for special effects.

Unisex Dino Hoodie Dinosaur Costume Party Kids.jpg 300x300.jpg .webp

Dinosaur Arm Puppet: This is a new and unique idea derived from the hand puppets. You can get full body sized puppets now that run across your shoulders, and it is designed for adults, but some companies are also creating them for kids. You get a dinosaur puppets of T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and Velociraptors from My Dinosaurs. But if you wish to get one of other dinosaurs you can ask them to customize it for you.

dinosaur arm puppet

Dinosaur Arm Puppet – Raptor Shoulder Puppet

Realistic Dinosaur Costume: This is the most realistic one out of all the costumes we list here. It comes with strongly built steel frames, high weight sponge, and silicone inside. They can be used many occasions if you learn how to control it properly. It can scare the daylight out of someone if used wisely for a prank. For most realistic dinosaur costumes, the performer’s legs are visible. And you may get one with hidden legs. That will make the dinosaur more realistic (but please note that dinosaurs can bend their legs backward, that is something human can’t do.).

Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Commercial Activity Promotion Props – Realistic Dinosaur Costume

DIY cardboard dinosaur costume: This is another type of costumes that can be either bought from the stores or can be made at home. If you want to make one, you have to prepare cardboard, strong glue, something to sue and some colors to decorate. The first step is to decide which dinosaur you want to make and how big you want it to be. Then you have to cut the cardboard into desired sections and then join them with a thread where you need it to move and with glue where it will sit tight. After it is complete, you need to paint it with the colors you prefer.

Pet dinosaur suit: It makes your pet look like another creature. It can be customized according to the size of your pet and can be bought in different designs and colors.

pet dinosaur suit

These are some of the costumes you can choose from. Just pick one is the perfect for you, your kids, friends or even your pets.