Why China has so many dinosaur fossils

China’s Liaoning Province: A Dinosaur Fossil Hot Spot

Ever since the 1990s, when a farmer in the Liaoning Province stumbled upon a broken slab with a feathered dinosaur fossil, China has been a major player in the field of paleontology. That newly discovered species of dinosaur, which was later named Sinosauropteryx, was the first of many interesting fossils that have been found in the area.




To date, more than 40 new species of dinosaurs have been discovered in the province, making a visit there a goal for any passionate dinosaur fan. The fossils are mostly winged species, such as Cathayornis Yandica and Eoentantiornis buhleri. Ancient wasps, crickets, dragonflies, and other insect species have also been discovered.


A Perfect Environment for Dinosaur Fossil Preservation: Mesozoic Sedimentary Rock

There are so many well-preserved fossils in China because the country contains large areas of sedimentary rock from the Mesozoic era. The land in China was not underwater during this time in history or afterward, which led to the rock being better preserved.

There is another reason that such a diverse variety of species are found here as well. The ground deposits contain a special type of shale, which is capable of preserving soft-bodied animals as well as the hard-shelled species that are often found in other fossil sites.

The terrain in China is also easier for scientists to explore than it would be in some other parts of the world. Unlike somewhere like Antarctica, where the conditions make expeditions difficult, the landscape and weather patterns in China make it a welcoming place for a dinosaur dig.


A New Chance for Dinosaur Fossil Discovery: Untouched Lands

One of the biggest reasons that China has become a modern hot spot for fossil discoveries is its history. While experts in the United States have been digging up dinosaur bones for more than 150 years, excavations in China didn’t begin until more recently. China has endured wars, poverty, and other struggles for a long time, and only in recent history did things begin turning around. There was a lot of untouched land in the area that is now being explored by scientists.


Mesozoic Sedimentary Rock


If you’d like to see some of the dinosaur fossils that are being discovered in China, an extravagant new museum is being constructed in the Liaoning Province. It’ll take effort to reach the museum, which will be located in a remote area more than 250 miles northeast of Beijing, but for true dinosaur lovers, the trip might be worthwhile.


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