Why Children Have An Obsession With Dinosaurs?

The craziest thing about obsessions is that it can start with anything. In other words, the object of obsession can be any silly thing such as a toy, a pen, a spoon or any other stuff beyond your understanding.

Dinosaur Obsession Is Positive

Now, parents worry about their child’s behavior regarding their obsession. But what they fail to realize is that it is pretty normal to be obsessed with something at that age. In fact, the science research shows that it is positive if your child develops an obsession with a particular thing. It’s not only about being obsessed with dinosaurs but with anything.
Majority of the children have an intense interest in something or the other. Their interest enhances their ability to learn, increases their attention span, allowing them to have a deeper knowledge of the subject all by themselves. Thus, you can see that all these habits are imbibed by your child through his obsession or interest.

Dinosaur babies newly hatched

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Reasons behind Dino-Obsession

Now is the time to answer the biggest question of all parents that ‘why children are obsessed with dinosaurs?’ About 90% of the children are highly obsessed with dinosaurs, and you can find the proof of it when you witness them playing with a T-Rex soft-toy. But, why only dinosaurs but not any other animal? Let’s find out the reasons.

  1. They Are Extinct: You see other animals such as tigers, lions, elephants all these can be seen on TV or in the zoo. But when it comes to dinosaurs you don’t get to see them anywhere because they don’t exist anymore. The only time you can see a dinosaur is in a movie or an animated film. This very fact may trigger the interest all the more in a child and make them want to know more about these giant creatures and unintentionally developing an intense interest towards them.
  2. They Are Scary: When it comes to dinosaurs, there is no other animal in the past or the present that can stand up to its fierceness. Their gigantic appeal with huge teeth and claws is something that fascinates everyone forcing them to imagine the time when they ruled the earth.Dinosaur babies newly hatched 2

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  3. Giant Skeletons: Most kids learned about dinosaurs from the mounted skeletons in the museums than from any TV show. These mounted skeletons look quite different from the skeletons of any other animal. And you are always bound to get attracted by something which you haven’t seen before. So the same goes for the dinosaurs.                                                                                   Dinosaur babies newly hatched 1

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  4. Their Portrayal in Shows: One of the biggest reasons behind this dino-obsession is because the way they are portrayed on the TV and movies, especially in cartoons. The fact that dinosaurs are extinct, your child will never get to see a T-Rex ripping apart someone’s flesh and thus, they are portrayed to be a friendly and harmless creature in most of the cartoons. This is one of the very big reasons behind children getting obsessed with them.

Now you know that obsession in kids is just fine and also the reason as to why children are so obsessed with dinosaurs. So from next time when your child cribs about getting him/her a dinosaur toy instead, of hesitating, just give it to him/her and you can stop worrying about your child’s behavior.