A Childhood Memory for Centuries

When referring to a zoo, most people may think of the animals and their own childhood.

Let’s take a look at Bristol Zoo today.

Bristol Zoo to leave Clifton site after 185 years.

Bristol Zoo

It has announced it will relocate from its current site to the outskirts of the city to “safeguard its future”.  The site in Clifton will be sold, and the zoo will move to its Wild Place Project site, near junction 17 of the M5 in South Gloucestershire. The zoo has been at Clifton since it began in 1836.

Hope the animals will enjoy the journey and like their new home.

When visiting a zoo, we may find some animals are thin and not in very good condition. Because they are not adapt to their surroundings.

animal in zoo

However, kids do like animals. Another form of animal, realistic animatronic animal models, which are very popular among kids even adults.

You don’t need to feed them every day, these animals could “work” 24*7 days:)

animatronic animals

Life-size Animatronic Animals >>

They are life-size, roaring with movements, this is a realistic animatronic animal – Kaprosuchus.

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