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When the Halloween is right around the corner, we need walking dinosaur costumes to create a lively atmosphere. Besides, road shows also need walking dinosaur costumes to attract passers-by. What Kind of Dinosaur Costume We are Selling? There are a lot of dinosaur costumes available for sale. we are hidden legs dinosaur costume and visible legs dinosaur […]

Rizhao Kaide square dinosaur exhibition Customer: Rizhao Kaide square Time: July 31-August 17 The five dinosaur skeletons and seven dinosaur specimen and three animatronic dinosaurs which comes from My Dinosaurs in Zigong China are showing them to tourist on the Rizhao Kaide square. They looks like real ones under the enviromental decoration of the square.People can know […]

 Custom: Zhongshan Yupingtaijing project Time:2012.11.10-2012.11.18 The theme topic of “North City Centre,The King Return” dinosaur exhibition for one week showing at Zhongshan,Guangdong on 10,this month . it will make memorable impresstion to the citizens with dinosuar experience. At this show, My company ( My Dinosaurs) show the most popular dinosaur models to citizens , such as […]

Singapore animatronic insects exhibition MEGABUGS RETURN Custom: Singapore science centre Time: 2013.04.20-2013.08.18 Exhibition purpose: Enjoy the largec insects world, grasp basic photograph skills and learn knowledge about biomimicry, insects survival techniques, food and sex. Abstract: Megabugs Return! is an imaginary world created for visitors to be “shrunk” to a size smaller than a bee. Navigate […]

Customers:LongHuPuTi Gulf Time:2012.06.07-2012.06.21 Abstract:  It is the first time to hold the dinosaur exhibition at night based on the theme topic of the nighting dinosaur show. In fact , it is a successful and creative show and it is worth using as a source reference. Hot atmosphere, the audencie took part in this with higher […]

 Customers: shenyang Vanke Whistler Town Time: May 6, 2012 to May 15, 2012 Abstract: The 10-day dinosaurs exhibition of Shenyang Vanke Whistler Town, Taking You Back to Jurassic, brought enjoyment to visitors, and enjoyed strong commericial advertising functions at the same time. Our products were unveiled that exhibition, including the simulation dinosaur fossils, skeletons, animatronic […]

Cooperation Clients : GuangDongShunDeKaiYU Grup Item Time: 18th,Nov,2011-5th,Jua,2012 Summary: The First “Animatronic dinosaur Science exhibition ” open in JunAntown,ShunDe,GuangDong province on 19th,Nov,2011. The dinosaurs,Mamenchisaurs,T-rex, Triceratops which comes from our company show the life habbit, vital signs of them. The children experience the dinosaur by riding the dinosaur rides, and experience the vigour of the dinosaurs. […]

cooperation case: Shandong XiangSheLi Time: October 29 – November 6 Abstract: The “Dinosaur is coming – through the Jurassic,  XiangSheLi dinosaur exhibition,” Our company provide several lifelike and vivid animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaurs fossil & skeletons.The Tyrannosaurus Rex who are unusual ferocity and are the “prehistoric hegemony” , the Mamenchisurus with 23 meters Long ,and […]

Cooperation Case : Chongqing Museum of Natural History Dinosaur fosiil exhibition. Time:  5 Novemver 2011 -20 November 2011 Abstract: we and Chongqing Natural History Museum together hold a dinosaur exhibiton in “haiyujiangshan Houses ” .The purpose of this exhibition is to inform people that Dinosaurs would be buried for they cant adapt to the natural enviroment […]

 Our Clients: Changsha Tianlu[National  Dinosaur Fossils Exhibition] Time: September 14-18 Abstract: The cooperation of our company in advance of the time in the factory according to customer needs has been the various simulation dinosaur, dinosaur fossils doing what they do, on the 14th day packed full of products shipped to Changsha in Changsha, installation is […]

Our Clients: South Building Group (South Century City) Cooperation Time: August 6 to August 5 Summary:The dinosaur in yancheng zhongnan century city “century city back. The king draws nigh Jurassic yancheng” dinosaur fossils show the activity at the site “resurrection”. To let the public never out of the city, yancheng city, can close contact with […]