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In April, Russian customers visited our work environment and production facilities, exchanging ideas on simulation techniques of ancient creatures. Accompanied by relevant personnels, the customers, with interest, visited the reptiles fossil skeletons, dynamic simulation models and amusement ride facilities in our workshop. Afterwards, they came to the office, and discussed with our dinosaur expert Zhou […]

Customer: Turkish customers Time: 2012.3-2012.5 Abstract: Turkish customers visited our company in March, and spoke highly of our products quality, work flow, technology, service and so on. quality, price, service and so on. And after discussion, we reached cooperation In May, our company, according to the contract, successfully completed the products on time. And the […]

 January 7, 2012, by Shenzhen Satellite TV s show program group invited to participate in the recording of the program of the second phase of the fifth season. Our company’s animatronic dinosaur including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, their appearance on the program, the scene suddenly seemed to have returned to the dinosaur life the magic of […]