Case Study – How to Run a Dinosaur Theme Amusement Park

It’s not easy to build and operate a dinosaur theme park. However, the China Dinosaur Land in Changzhou, which enjoys the reputation of “Eastern Jurassic”, has done a good job. Nowadays the China Dinosaur Land is ranked 11th among the thousands of theme parks in Asia, and the 5th in China. Let’s see what makes it such a successful amusement park.

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China Dinosaur Land was founded in 2000. It brings the creative “5+3” development model. The “5” covers theme education, theme amusement, theme environment, theme performance and theme commerce. And the “3” contains the following facilities including: management facilities, service facilities, media facilities. It is a comprehensive amusement park of dinosaur theme, which is integrated with exhibition, science, entertainment, leisure and participatory performance.

Theme Amusement

The amusement park has paid attention to dinosaur theme culture in the overall project planning and product planning, to restore a real dinosaur world. The park is divided into seven major themes of different styles. For example, the dream manor area designed by the original Intellectual Property image of Dinosaur Land, combined with the cute dinosaur baby cartoon image and high-tech interaction experience, creates the parent-child joyful world; the area of the magic rainforest, the whole region was built into a tropical rainforest of the dinosaur age. Besides many dinosaurs, there are various types of prehistoric creatures such as Mammoths and Smilodons living in this area. Mottled ferns and dinosaur roaring make visitors feel like that they are in the prehistoric world.

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Dinosaur Theme Park Fiberglass Dinosaur Equipments

Theme Education

In the dinosaur museum of the park, there are not only the traditional museum fossils on display. By making good use of high-tech means and photoelectric imaging, combined with the video, cartoon animation and dinosaur models, it has become a modern new dinosaur museum for natural science, amusement and engagement. The annual programs such as “Dinosaur Cultural Festival”, “Dinosaur Laboratory” and “The Night of The Dinosaur Museum” have brought a lot of tourists for the wonderful dinosaur cultural feast.

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Dinosaur Theme Amusement Park Attractions Life Size Dinosaur Replicas

Theme Commerce

The China Dinosaur Land divides the park business into multiple diversified consumption place with distinct theme and unique personality. Taking commodities as props, serving as a stage and environment as scenery, that brings tourists great experience in commerce activities of shopping, dining and entertainments. At the same time, the theme park developed a series of unique Intellectual Property images, such as dinosaur baby and so on, and developed a number of dinosaur theme related products, while enhancing the experience of tourists, and further promoting the commercial consumption of the park.

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Theme Performance

In addition to dozens of amusement programs, there are more than 20 other performances throughout the whole day, which will seamlessly connect the scattered time of tourists. The classic performance of “The Joy of The Dinosaur Kingdom” and “The Adventure of The Dinosaur Island” have long been unfailing. And the original stage performance has attracted countless fans. In the summer of 2017, a stage show called “Dreamlike Jurassic” ignited the passion the whole East of China. The show broke the parallel visual space, combined with modern technology, and presents a dazzling aesthetic feeling, so that visitors can feel the art of multi dimension.

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Theme Environment

The park attaches great importance to the construction of the environment, and more than 70 species of 4000 trees are planted. Based on the good ecological environment, the story atmosphere of each region is created through project packaging, sculptures and environmental landscape. Kooca Suka Canyon City is built into a mysterious area. It is the Wyvern Knight military training camp with splashing waterfalls, cold rocks and dense forest scenario. While Dream Manor is produced based on the original animation of the China Dinosaur Land – Dinosaur Babies and Mido Dino. The architecture and landscape design also copy all the steam punk and candy dessert style in the cartoon. The sweet and warm scenery is loved by the kids.

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Dinosaur Theme Amusement Park Facilities Customization Cartoon Statue

Service / Media / Management Facilities

Service Facilities: In addition to standardized services, the park provides visitors with humanized service facilities such as parking lot, sightseeing cars, clinic, cooling water mist and so on.
Media Facilities: Combined with the well-designed multimedia resources in the park environment, we can not only effectively promote and display the whole dinosaur land product system, but also exchange resources with many famous brands, and cooperate in different industries to develop new business models.
Management Facilities: We have built the complete management facilities, such as fire control center and security center, so as to protect safety of personal property of tourists; on the other hand, there are many necessary facilities for staffing, including staff dormitories, canteens, actors rehearsal hall, etc., which provide high-quality support for staff’s life and work.
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