Case Study – What Makes a Great Dinosaur Theme Water Park

Changzhou Dino Water Town is the very first dinosaur-themed water park in China with an area of 43000 square meters. Since its opening, it has been one of the top and hot water parks all over the world. And it won China’s 2017 Theme Park Planning and Design Award with its remarkably high popularity and enormous amount of visitors. Let’s check out what makes it a great water park.

Aquatic Extreme Activity Area

You can’t miss the aquatic activities in a water park. Dino Water Town owns over 10 world-class aquatic recreation facilities. For example, at Extreme Abyss where you can dive down from the sixth floor, spiraling inward around the center; the Super Slide is an overwater oscillating coaster where you freely fall quickly from a height of 60 meters; F1 Megatsunami where you plummet from mid air into the water and there are various overwater slides and ten more other exiting aquatic attractions.

Dinosaur Theme Water Park 2

Aquatic Parent-Child Recreation Area

Not just the thrilling aquatic activities, this water park offers a wide variety of aquatic recreational facilities for parents and kids. For example, there are over 20 kinds of small-scale aquatic interactive attractions at Parent-Child dabbling area where kids can play with water freely and safely. Leisure Valley is featured by its 278-meter-long river where visitors can enjoy the summer time reveling in the refreshing coolness. Another well-received attraction is the vast over-water village designed as a water castle that caters to all ages and renders a cool and fun pastime in scorching summer.

Dinosaur Theme Water Park 3

Aquatic Interaction Experience Area

An unusual 4000-square-meter jumbo wave pool offers visitors a place to splash around and cool down. Fabulous thematic shows are being staged on the overwater arena make visitors feel relaxed and enrich their experience.

The park features a dinosaur theme. We can see from the images that there are many facilities decorated as dinosaurs or with dinosaurs. That will make the water park more special and interesting. You may get some ideas from this dinosaur theme park if you are planning to build a water attraction. And My Dinosaurs is glad to offer you the dinosaur decorative products such as the dinosaur statues, animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur costumes and more!

Dinosaur Theme Water Park

Dinosaur Theme Water Park 1