What You Can Do With A Human Skeleton

An artificial human skeleton can be used in a great many places. Hospitals, laboratories, and schools may keep skeletons for a tangible, three-dimensional visual aid. Art students may study a skeleton to better draw the human form, while movie producers may require a skeleton prop. Celebrations such as Halloween or the Day of the Dead often use skeletons as decorations. No matter the season, shopping centers, museums, and haunted houses may all display a human skeleton to grab the attention of passersby.


human skeleton


Fortunately, My Dinosaur company manufactures human skeletons for all these needs and more!

Zigong My Dinosaur Culture and Arts Company is located in the Sichuan province of China, but ship products all over the world. They provide models, animatronics, and costumes, both in preset forms and in custom designs. These models are on display in countries from Turkey to America, and Morocco to Russia. The company is proven quality; for 20 years they have manufactured, installed, and serviced a variety of models. They stand behind their products, and each one comes with a lengthy warranty.

My Dinosaur artificial human skeleton is museum quality and built to last. The base is made from sturdy, anti-rust steel, before being covered in high-quality fiberglass. Its careful construction is terrifically reliable, able to withstand extreme heat or cold from 40C to -40C without breaking. It also holds up despite sun, rain, or even snow. This makes a My Dinosaur skeleton suitable for setup inside or outside, no matter your climate.


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AS-010 Museum Replica Artificial Human Skeleton


But the skeleton does more than just last through the storm. It looks great doing it! Skeletons typically come in life size, but you can also order a custom size anywhere from 1 meter to 60 meters tall. Your skeleton, whether small or gargantuan, comes hand painted for the most realistic appearance. If realism isn’t your goal, you can also order a skeleton in a custom paint color. A shocking hot pink skeleton for photos in the atrium of your mall? A light green one for your garden art exhibit? Or perhaps a blood red one to rise out of the ground in your latest horror film? The possibilities are endless!

A My Dinosaurs installation team can install the skeleton on site and train you in its basic maintenance. Should any problems come up, unlikely as that is, the My Dinosaur team will be there to help you out; the skeleton comes with a warranty for two to five years.